Wasabi's Whatever Thread (AMA and journal)

How are you and the family doing?
Other than going a little stir crazy, we're ok. All parks, beach parks, botanical gardens, and pools are closed. Restaurants are closed other than for take out or delivery. The kids are out of school through April 7, though that will likely get extended. Keeping them busy is a challenge. On the other hand I'm buried with work. That isn't such a bad thing since it's keeping my brain from going off of the deep end.

I'm terrified I'm going to die if I get this thing because of my asthma. I don't need an inhaler or take medication on a daily basis. It only flairs when I get a respiratory infection, so that's when I end up needing an inhaler and sometimes I get a nebulizer treatment from my doctor. I had a mild case of flu over a month ago and still have a cough. So COVID-19 has me thinking a lot about the possibility that I could be hospitalized or die.

I also had to have a conversation with Lily, who is 10, about her fears that Shawn and I will die from the virus. And what will happen if we die from it. That was really uncomfortable. I lied and said we'd all be ok. I can't stand that this is what she has to worry about now instead of lighter things like screwing up at the school spelling bee.