[TV] The What Anime Are You Watching Thread!

just finished season 1 of "So I was reincarnated as a slime!?" pretty fun show with an oddly dark undertone for the world.

also got to the end of s2 of cardcaptor sakura in uncut english so gave the remastered first movie another pass today. I had forgotten what an unmitigated dumpster fire the OG american dub is....
names for example
What's it say about me that I'm more excited about hearing Oozora Naomi voice Uzaki-chan than I am about Uzaki-chan's oppai?
Some regrettable decisions so far this season.

  • Rent-A-Girlfriend is cringe.
  • Gibiate is stupid.
  • Peter Grill is cringe and stupid.
  • HxEROS is 'the hell with this' five minutes in at the first trip and boob grab.
  • Chou Futsuu Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu R is straight up garbage.
So it goes.
Honestly I just wait for the next Trigger animation, or Shonen Jump's next big thing, and just generally ignore everything else these days. On the subject, everytime I read the word "Isekai" I'm filled with rage for it slowly murdering the fantasy genre in manga.

ALSO-I read a shit fantasy manga the other day, FULL of fan service, breasts jigglin' and what not...but when the main leads KISSED they censored it...WHAT?! The editor is okay with the sexualization of women, but feels a KISS is too intimate?! The FUCK is going on?!


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Kiss Him, Not Me!


Genre: Reverse-Harem, Comedy, Romance, High School

Fanservice: Beach Episode, Cosplay cheesecake, Yaoi fanservice

Premise: Kae Serinuma is a closeted BL Otaku with a weight problem. She's never had any sort of love life to speak of, but that's fine with her - she's overjoyed to stay back in the shadows and watch boys interact with each other. Really, the only concept that excites her is male homosexual romance. One fateful night, her favorite anime character is suddenly killed off, and it affects her so severely that she stops eating and doesn't come out of her room for a week. When her family finally sends her brother in to force-ably roust her from her funk, everyone is stunned to find that the once-fat Kae has wasted away to an incredibly cute Kae. Her family isn't the only ones stunned by this. Her classmates are equally dumbstruck, and within short order, she has a number of would-be suitors. Kae, however, is completely oblivious to the romantic war being waged around and involving her - in fact, she'd rather see them hook up with each other. Whenever any suitor begins to press their claim, the others conspire to block the way, and thus a stalemate is enforced. Will any of them actually manage to win Serinuma's heart? Will she even actually notice what is going on at all? Can any of them even hope to compete with her hobby-turned-obsession?

Well, it's a cute show with an amusing premise. It starts off goofy and shallow, has some character development where shallow attraction starts to morph into something more caring, drags a little in the middle, then has a climactic ending where the suitors all put the question to her and ask her to choose. Truth be told I was kind of losing interest there in the middle, and for a show of only 12 episodes, that's kind of a bad sign. Still, by the time I finished it, I didn't consider my time wasted. Apparently the story continues in the manga, but I don't really feel the need to continue it.

Verdict: 2.5/5. It's a little bit of a shame that such a novel concept came out so middle-of-the-pack, but while it's not great, it's not terrible either. Watch or skip as you see fit.
Gibiate is looking to go down in history as one of the worst shows ever. How does a show manage to fail at EVERYTHING?
An open letter to the community:
Apparently, civility is no longer a thing. But it should be, and needs to be.
I hate to even have to even have to post a message like this, but after two or three emails that have been sent out, the behavior continues.
We had an unprecedented storm on Monday, and the whole office staff spent about 2 hours in the basement. Around us, there were 80-100mph winds which created widespread damage in our area, and knocked out power to our building. We still do not have power, along with about quarter of a million other people in Iowa. What’s a bit ironic is that many of our Iowa power professionals were loaned to the southeast during this time to help with hurricane damage. No one expected a hurricane in Iowa.
We have already been running short staff on rotation due to the COVID situation. Since we have no power, we have no air conditioning, and the office temperature has rapidly jumped to 90+ degrees. We’re running on partial generator power, and much of the staff is working in the dark at the end of extension cords attempting to take care of customer issues; our phones are not working and we cannot use any of the heavy equipment, as we have no way to recharge it. Even the auto-tape machines aren’t working, so we’re back to the old manual tapers to seal up boxes. You work to make things efficient, but when the tools you use to do so aren’t available, things slow way down. But you make the best of it.
Much of my staff has already been working 60+ hours a week the last few months to make sure that customer orders continue to flow, but when dealing with supply chains that are broken, warehouses that close for cleaning or for other reasons, production and product delays, and more, there is only so much that can be done. Adding lack of power just takes things up a notch.
When you contact any company looking for help, you will have much greater success if you go about things with kindness rather than with acidity. When you start an email or phone call with an attitude of “I hate you and I hope you die you f***” you don’t make the person on the other side have a great deal of desire to help you. While I understand we have all been dealing with difficult times, channeling your rage against someone who is trying to help you isn’t going to achieve your desired result, it’s delusion. In fact, what it is going to do is get you a permaban from my store, because I’m not going to continue to put up with my people being treated this way. These are good people, many of whom are dealing with their own challenges right now. Iowa nice only goes so far. And after the last couple of weeks, I can certainly see why some companies have dropped having phone support at all and force people to other mediums.
Your card was declined and you didn’t contact us? We canceled your order. How is this our fault? We’re not in charge of your finances. Tracking hasn’t been updated after it left us? We unfortunately can’t control the shipping companies, and with holiday-level parcel shipments, these companies are have having problems of their own with staffing and delivery times. We're finding that scans are often being skipped in the system. A publisher canceled your item? Why scream at the messenger, unless WE were the publisher, we can’t really do much about it. You ordered several items that were out of stock and it’s holding up your order? We can’t economically ship every single item to you individually, and we’re struggling to keep up with orders now. Hint: order something where everything is in stock, and the other stuff will be dragged along. A nice customer service person would tell you that, if you didn’t scream in her ear about how she’s a B**CH and that the whole world’s problems are her fault. We haven’t received in product X? It’s likely because the vendor’s having manufacturing or shipping issues and we are trying our best to get a restock in to fill your order. Unhappy with life in general? Buy a copy of Aria and watch it and chill rather than taking it out on my staff. Meditate on how truly lucky we are all to be alive, regardless of what is happening in the world. Show some kindness to those around you.
While every company has its challenges, and we make our share of mistakes, our staff really takes pride here to make sure that we do the best that we can for our customers. But I encourage folks to realize that when you lead with Defcon-1, all nuclear missiles ready to launch, you give no opportunity for the person to actually listen and want to help you. And if you start swearing up a storm and berating them, I have instructed them to hang up the phone.
I sympathize and understand people are frustrated and tired and angry at the world right now. 2020 has definitely been, in my opinion, the year of the Dumpster Fire. But realize that that’s not the fault of the person on the other side of your e-mail, live-chat, or telephone call. Practice a little civility, and the results will pay off for you. Be an asshat, and you can go somewhere else.
Shawne Kleckner, President
Right Stuf Inc.
this gentleman is the owner of the biggest provider of anime/manga/light novels etc in North America. We are in the same serious collectors group. he just posted this to us, and it just kind of blows my mind. just wanted to share.
they want 1.5 billion. for reference Sony only paid 150 million for Funimation.

so unless ATT will lower their price it might be a bit lol