The Super Dooper Canadian Thread (now with 47% more Canadian Bacon)

Seriously though, did any body else learn it that way? I wasn't taught that in school either, it was my sister. I don't think I had even started kindergarten yet.
Wasn't my grandfather. My interactions with the man were solely limited to him yelling at me in a thick Austrian accent. But gotta support the wife and her family.

And yeah, you're a good man. Still going to steal your pants on Friday nights.
I figured that the whole "My name is my handle" clique could use an addition. Jay, Mathias, Dave, Allen, Andi, Airwolf, etfc.

Also, I'm off to Queerbec on Wednesday for a week and a half. No pants stealing until third week of May.
That's about half hour south of Quebec City... a good 2 hours from here. So close, yet so far. Is your flight directly from Van to QBC?
Kelowna -> Vancouver -> Toronto -> Quebec City

Return is Quebec City -> Toronto -> Kelowna

I'm hoping to do a day trip to Montreal at one point in the trip.