[Webcomic] The Order of the Stick thread

I appreciate that they all effectively made character sheets and are sitting around a table in various degrees of relaxation.
If the scene is in homage to a famous picture of a DnD group I would not know which, but it would not surprise me.

And going to vote for Soap as well.
bee bomb, hidden in a wicker basket hanging from a crochet planter hanger. Bees are kept docile during the assembly with smoke rings.
Was going to say: They harvest a bunch of bees (pacified by smoke) and carry them in a wicker basket in a crocheted sling where they are wicker-bombed to x.x a baddie during some kind of relevant planetary confluence, and then Belkar gets rid of the body. Don't try to deny it, Belkar. I know why you learned to make soap.