The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)

Don't know if the video is particularly awesome, but our old Boxer Hockey good boy doing super well for himself is welcome.



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It's like Britney Spears' "Toxic" played on a broken accordion with a saw accompaniment.
The theory I have is that it's designed to cut down on frivolous calls. By the time someone gets to you, if you've waited through that hold message, you must believe your concern to be serious.

They raised the 11'8" bridge in Durham, NC eight inches, but still it must feed.

Fourth crash since they raised it.
NGL, I would probably be more terrified to see someone riding one of these come swooping down out of the sky after me.

I couldn't find a proper spot to put this in the media thread.

Ed O'Neil, as much as an oldy, I love Al Bundy, Mr. Warmth is the ultimate assaulted Shoe Salesman.