Random Video Game Crap

I started with the Sega Genesis. Not necessarily because I'm younger than you guys, but because my parents really didn't like video games and so didn't let me get a console until I was older.
My mother told me that she wouldn’t buy me a Nintendo because it would rot my brain. It took ages at $2/hr babysitting to save up for it.
She’s not wrong, my brain is likely rotted.


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None of you got to enjoy the true terror a 6 year old can experience playing fucking Dungeons of Daggorath. The most atmospheric TRS-80 game ever made.

Man, the tension of those few seconds, during Rescue on Fractalus, waiting to see if the pilot you just landed to rescue is really human, or a horrible alien trying to destroy your cockpit, were excruciatingly heart pounding.

So I never thought I'd ever see someone parkouring over the faces of Reaper Leviathans in a 300 Reaper Leviathan aquatic mosh pit, but here we are.