[Announcement] Next Wednesday Night. Be Here.

In case I'm not on at the right time, I made my own little tribute to North Ranger.

The captain of the Terran Federation Navy Frigate Alpha Orionis is Frigate-Captain Mikko Metsala.
I'll probably be similar to Far - be an hour late or so as I don't get home until 7 at the earliest and have to do a few things around the house before I can go back online.


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I think this next video says it all about the Super Duper Contest. And the $200 cash prize goes to....


And thanks for the hangouts and games!

And for every one of us.

And for @Dave. I firmly and truly believe we wouldn't be what we are today without you.


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Here are the winners of the games and what they won:

Winner Game
Denbrought Guacamelee
PatrThom Darksiders II
Vrii Nuclear Throne
Null 100% Orange Juice & Packs
GasBandit Disciples III Gold Edition
Yoshimickster Hollow Knight
Null Fallen Enchantress Ultimate Edition
Vrii Forged Battalion
ncts_dodge_man The Dwarves
Tbro Poytatoman Seeks the Troof
General Specific Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
AnnaDei Old Man's Journey
Denbrought Thirty Flighty of Loving
Far Retro Game Crunch
Bert Spirits
Cog The Political Machine 2016
Emrys Snake Pass
AnnaDei Dungeons 3
Chad Sexington Luna's Wandering Stars
Drifter Running With Rifles
Vrii Rituals
Denbrought Zombie Night Terror
Vrii Guild of Dungeoneering
Far Invisible, Inc.
Kags Life is Strange Complete Season
ncts_dodge_man Super Galaxy Squadron
CeltZ Jalopy
Tinwhistler Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
BErt Q.U.B.E.
Drifter AER Memories of Old
Yoshimickster AI War: Fleet Command
klew Figment
Tinwhistler Grand Ages: Rome - Gold Edition
GasBandit Little Nightmares
Chad Sexington Patrician IV
Yoshimickster Patrician III
Gen Spec Double Fine Adventure Documentary
Pez Sproggiwood
Tbro Hitman: The Complete First Season
Denbrought Ellipsis
cchaz Port Royale 3
Evilmike 20164: Read Only Memories
Vrii Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
Drifter Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP
PatrThom Airline Tycoon 2
CeltZ FATE: Hero Bundle
Kags Forts


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I will be emailing everyone their Steam keys today. Once @Gryfter contacts me I'll work with him on getting the $200 prize to him.

Couple of notes about the Steam keys. These are from my Humble and some of them I've had for a while. If for some reason the keys do not work let me know and I'll make sure you get it covered.

There are a couple that have multiple keys. One in specific - Double Fine Adventure Documentary - has a main "game" and 20 episodes. Not sure if you need only the one or all of them.

But watch for your emails.

One more thing, I accidentally erased a game from the list so I need to get the key out to anyone who wants it. It's going to be first come first served on this one so whomever gets the key gets it. If you try and redeem this key and it does not work, you were too slow. :)

Wow! Sorry I missed all the fun but it sounds like it was a party. And now I wish I had been able to be there but my kid had an assignment that needed my help.

In the words of Eric Cartman...... I love you guys!
Congrats to the winners, once again thanks for everyone running this show and keeping it up!
I'd have delurked more for that event, but was on vacation in Norway. Thought of North Ranger while dogsledding close to the finnish border!