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And this is why Adammon has so many kids. Give him a hand, everyone, cuz he couldn't give himself one!
Playing with my camera... I look so angry!


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(Yeah, I still don't know how to use correctly mynew camera, but I'm getting better)
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Sixpackshaker that is a very cool pup! Looks like the one begging treats next to me as I type. Sparhawk tell me that you wouldn't wear that suit if you could get one like it now. I would totally wear that to work just for fun! But then I wear suits to work when I feel like cranking up the rumor mill...when they ask how my day is or why the suit I just tell them the interview went great!
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My husband had hair down past his shoulders which he cut off a month before Jet was born.

Apparently parenthood makes you cut your hair.
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My friend had a Harry Potter themed birthday party (she's probably the biggest fan I've ever seen). Costumes were encouraged, but since I'm already working on stuff for SDCC...I had no time to make something. So, I went as a rabid Draco fan girl/pretend hipster. But, of course, when I got there no one else had dressed up as anything, which happens to me a lot. Almost every party my friends have in fact. (The Ghoulie in the back had dressed for a different party and left about 5 minutes later..)

Anyway, I'm the crazy one on the bottom left:

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Random picture from Skydive Arizona while I was on vacation, I think I look rather dashing.
Oh and Tin we have a happy hour group that goes out on Wednesdays, if you want to come 5:30 pm is when people will start to trickle in at Mad Rose Tavern on Clarendon.