New Picture Thread


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Confirmation. That is a dress. The color is red. Worn by a human, apparent biological sex: female. Transmission ends.
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Okay, you know what? Fuck you guys. I posted a picture in that same dress, and you guys didn't say a damned thing.
ok I mos def missed something anyone want to go dig it up and we can all drool around it like a bunch of rabbid cave people like we do to every other person who takes a pic showing ankle?
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I don't think you're allowed to dance in Mormonville :)
Then I'm in BIIIIIIIIG trouble. :p

Isn't that in Utah? I didn't think Kags was in Utah. And Fun Size looks, by his location, to be in Northwest Michigan (or maybe Northeast Lake Michigan).
I am indeed. Up at the top. :)

Side note - the areas Footloose was filmed at - Lehi, Provo, American Fork area - are all 2+ hours away from me, I think I'm in the clear. Oddly enough, the story is based on a city in Oklahoma, to my understanding. Not even Mormon related.


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And maybe an old pair of sunglasses.

I usually don't have "old" pairs of sunglasses... I wear them til they break or I lose them, then replace them.

Buuuuuut as it happens, I might actually have a pair of fake plastic wayfarers lying around that advertise the ESPN affiliate my radio station used to be.[DOUBLEPOST=1506106378,1506106324][/DOUBLEPOST]
Honestly, the only reason I'm not wearing my Rocko's Modern Life t-shirt is because I couldn't find it. Life of a programmer.
In Texas, we don't need coats. So, my front hall closet simply has all my hawaiian shirts in it, on hangars. I select one to wear before I leave the house, much as would a northerner getting their coat to go outside.