[Question] MSI Help Desk Update

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Has anyone here run into an issue with MSI's Help Desk Update installer refusing to install, uninstall, have its task ended in Task Manager, be disabled with CCleaner, or be nuked from msconfig? @Aislynn's laptop is an MSI QL62 6QF, which we picked up refurbished from Newegg. Aside from the typical Windows 10 driver bullshit, it's been a great little gaming machine for her. That is starting to come to a screeching halt, however, due to this stupid installer. According to all of the support articles I can find (you know, both of them), all I have to do to get rid of the pop-up is uninstall and reinstall the help desk software from MSI's website, but it didn't work. The issue could be that we don't have a tech support contract / warranty on this machine, since it was fucking used when we bought it, but MSI seems to be completely in the dark about the possibilities of refurbished computer sales, so they don't have any info about that.

Seriously, are we stuck with this stupid pop-up for life? It's not just the fact that it's constantly there, in the background, waiting for you - over time it starts to accumulate disk and RAM usage, until the computer crashes.
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There has to be some way to uninstall it and prevent it from reinstalling, but it’s not one I’ve had to deal with, so I don’t have any sort of tried-and-true method at the ready. I’m willing to have a go at researching it but dunno what I’ll find.

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Check for any services for the application - sometimes they are running and that can cause it to not want to be shut off.

Have you tried doing any of the changes for turning it off in Safe Mode?