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"Young punks need to be taught a lesson in manners." Marten mutters to himself, rushing forward to join in the fray.
I can't quite reach Ran for a touch healing spell, so I'll use my move to reach immediately behind Charity (5 squares) and fire off Sacred Flame at the ruffian that kicked Ran.
The bandit sidesteps as the sacred flame strikes where he was standing and he laughs at the attempt.

Meanwhile, a sheep trots over to stare up at Ty.

An older man is looking at him, stroking his whiskered face. He eventually looks away, but not for being caught staring. His interest has simply wandered elsewhere, taking in all the players in the room.

Yawning Portal Battle Map (2).png

(Charity, Brad, Ran, and Ty are all up in any order.)

Holding on to the ruffian with a tense grip, Charity yields in her push for a moment to let the man trip, stepping sideways and using the momentum to pull him to the ground. "Please yield, sir. I have no desire to harm you but this fight cannot continue." She pins the ruffian to the ground, making sure he can't go anywhere.

Moving one square up with my grabbed friend (so that he moves one square up as well) and using the Shove action to knock the ruffian I'm grabbing Prone. Notably, prone, grabbed enemies cannot stand up, since grabbed reduces speed to 0. Athletics for the shove is 22.
Charity is much stronger than the ruffian expects and he stumbles to the ground, pinned by the paladin in an expert hold. "You bi--" he starts to say, but is cut off when his face is shoved into the floor.
Brad laughs at the ruffian who missed him with the haymaker. "I did nothing that will harm him. I don't want to hurt anybody here tonight." He takes the dodge action. "I would appreciate the same courtesy."
Side question: Can you mark the prone guys on the map? (Tasha's victim and the grappling victim) so that we can see who's still up and swinging?
Ran takes stock oh his situation and wishes he'd been a cleric like his mother wanted.

he also notices that the ruffian that barley escaped his wrath is now also upon Yagra.

"You got it Yara! You got the touch! You got the powwwweeerrr!"

[I'd like to use Bardic Inspiration on Yagra]

Ran focuses his mind, his body, his spirit and winds up his iron fist for what he assumes will be the knock out punch on this seemingly indestructible foe.

[Roll of an 8]

The punch lands in the hand of the ruffian who responds with a little "nuh uh" wag of his finger.

"Feel free to surrender whenever" Ran tells the man with a clear advantage over him.
Ty is bemused. The brawl has stayed mostly contained, but he's not used to seeing magic so freely used in situations like this. It's a lucky thing, it seems to him, that none of the men who started the fight have drawn weapons in response.

He watches a young woman remove one of the men from the fight without any apparent effort; maybe luck is playing a smaller role here than he thought.

Looking around once more, his eyes linger on the man he'd caught eyeing him moments ago. Ty shrugs and begins making his way across the room. If someone's interested in him he'd prefer to know why, and besides - he knows that the won't find the kinds of opportunities he's looking for by staying out of sight and hoping they'll come to him.

He walks up to the man, careful to avoid the ongoing scrap and the people surrounding it, and smiles slightly. "Turning into an interesting night, isn't it?"
The ruffian leader continues to laugh uncontrollably on the floor while his gang continue the brawl without him.

The one that Charity has pinned, rolls slightly to the side and swings a clenched first at the paladin. His fist connects with her chin, causing a painful bruise and a bit tongue (3 points of damage)

Behind Charity, one of the ruffians draws his scimitar and swings it at Yagra. The blade slices through her forearm, eliciting a howl of anger.

Another ruffian takes a swing at Brad, this time with feet planted. Brad is too quick, though, stepping back and to the side to avoid the blow.

The last ruffian, amused by Ran, gives him another swift kick. This time Ran is able to roll out of the way before the ruffian connects.

Yagra throws two punches at the ruffian who bloodied her with a sword. The first blow lands, knocking the fellow out. He flops backward with a thud, unconscious before hitting the floor.

Ty, meanwhile, has a conversation...

"Hello, hello," the man says with a cheery demeanor. "I can't help but notice you are ready to fight but not joining in the fray. Not like the others." The man indicates the crowd and the patrons who are doing their best to ignore the scuffle. "You do not appear to be just another audience member..."

Assuming Yagra's unconscious foe is at "U", I'll jostle up this way and take a whack at the prone guy P with my mace--going for a knockout instead of death (roll with advantage: 19). My thaumaturgy should still be active (1 min duration). If I knock the guy out, I'll move to the green circle with the remainder of my move. Otherwise, I'll stay put.

Marten's voice booms out as he steps around the fallen ruffian, wading deeper into the fray. "I sed, stop fighting!" he yells, as he brings his mace down toward the ruffian that Charity is tussling with--looking every inch like a crazy old farmer trying to ring the bell at a carnival game.
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Just asking, but...if the first blow connects and knocks the ruffians out - why would she throw a second one? :confused:
[ooc that would be dramatic license in describing the attack, in pure game mechanics if Yaggra was able to attack 2x/round, she would be in no danger and way above our level of characters]

A whispered thought flows from the slender man to his staunch companion, "Save the hafling little one, you know what to do. And make sure you are seen." And suddenly the sheep scampers off towards the flailing bard, and upon nearing him bleets and baas as loud as possible, attracting the attention of the bar.

Once sufficiently distracted, the slender man kneels down behind the cover of the bar, a few moments later, a terrifying woman clad in red emerges.

flame sorceress disguise.jpg

familiar takes a double move to end up next to Ran, upon it's next turn it will use the HELP action to distract the opponent he is facing to grant him advantage on his attacks.

Erythro uses of the cover of the bar to cast DISGUISE SELF and emerges looking like a female human flame sorceress. Reason being if, he is about to start lobbing fire at the ruffians, it's best he not look like himself if he kills them, as spells don't deal sub-dual damage
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Somewhat tougher than the scrawny ruffian that Yagra knocked out, the fellow held down by Charity is considerably tougher and takes a shot to the jaw with surprising composure. He spits out a blog of blood and glowers at Marten. "I'm going to kick your ass, old man. Right after I deal with this little waif."

Meanwhile, Sheep runs over into the fray through the legs of the onlookers, sidling up next to Brad but glaring at the ruffian past Ran.

And a graceful human woman appears, eyes set on the brawl across the room.


"Well, would you look at that," the old man says to Ty as the sorceress appears from behind the bar. "Very interesting..."

(Ty, Ran, Brad, and Charity are up! Round 3: Ding!)
Brad sizes up the ruffian in front of him and laughs, "You're ugly, and your momma dresses you funny." He says scornfully. And casts vicious mockery (Wis save 13 or take 3 damage).
Brad sizes up the ruffian in front of him and laughs, "You're ugly, and your momma dresses you funny." He says scornfully. And casts vicious mockery (Wis save 13 or take 3 damage).
The ruffian scowls. "I ain't got a momma. But I'll take yours all night long....after I throw you down into Undermountain."

The young woman takes the blow with a yelp, before the old man comes to her aid, though the ruffian doesn't seem to be too worried about the mace. "Fine. If you will not yield, then I must make you," she sighs, winding up with her free hand to deliver a punishing blow to his kidney.

Unarmed Strike the ruffian (with advantage because he's prone) with a natural 20. Damage is still only 4, though.
Ty takes in the scene unfolding around him: magic, weapons drawn and used, a combative sheep, the image of a woman who had definitely not been here before emerging from behind the bar,and shakes his head slowly. "This isn't exactly how I imagined this fight would go."

Another exchange of blows, the thugs still looking to be on the worse end of things. A thought occurs to him.

"Do you have any idea what this is about?"
Ran decides that it's time to change his game plan. He stops trying to land the deathblow of a trained fighter and instead relies on pure luck. He jumps up and wildly swings his arm in the general direction of his opponent.

[Unarmed strike roll=17. Going to assume a hit for 2 dmg]

The wild series of slaps result in a bloodied nose for the ruffian and a shocked look on both fighters faces.
The ruffian leader still laughs uncontrollably at Yagra's feet.

His flunky, pinned down by Charity, draws his sword. "That's it, little girl. You shouldn't have gotten involved." The sword gashes her forearm, leaving a gaping cut. (4 damage taken)

The shocked ruffian in front of Ran swings at the halfling with a clenched fist but utterly misses as Ran sidesteps the obvious blow.

Brad faces down the last one, who swings again, and takes one on the nose with a crunch. (Just 1 damage taken.)

Yagra, still furious at the leader, kicks him twice. The man stops laughing after the first kick...


"I haven't a clue!" the man says. "But my trained eye may yet pick out the cause."

(Erythro and Marten are up!)
Acting like a guy putting in a fence post, Marten hammers down again on the prone ruffian.
Keeping the attempt to knockout, even though he's drawn a sword.
Attack roll with advantage: 14. If that hits, damage is 4
The adorable sheep starts bleating and baaing as loud as it can, prancing and jumping around the feet of the villain attacking his pint sized companion, the half-bard.

While across the room a fever of heat sweeps out from the beautiful woman in red. She sweeps her hands in a circle as flames begin dancing around her fingers, when suddenly a blast of fire springs forth from her hands as she screams
"By Bahamev, Third of his Name,
I silence your prattling with ever burning flame!


sheep uses HELP action, next ally to attack that target gains advantage.

I cast Fire Bolt and get the first 1 of the campaign, I'll let the DM describe what happens.
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....does my guy have any weapons on him that I can see?
(Yes, all are armed.)

As Erythro casts his spell and the fire bolt flies low, scorching the stone well in the center of the tavern. However...

The wizard bites his own tongue! Cast no spells with a verbal component until the end of the next round.

Meanwhile, Marten successfully knocks the ruffian out with a strong blow to the man's temple.

Yawning Portal Battle Map (4).png

(Ran, Brad, Charity, and Ty are all up!)
"You scoundrel! That's my favorite nose." Brad unsheathes his rapier and attempts to stab the ruffian that dared to blemish his lovely face. (Attack Roll 21, 10 DMG). "I hoped it wouldn't come to this."
Brad's rapier flashes from its scabbard and runs straight through the ruffian's chest. The man falls to the ground, gasping for breath and bleeding profusely on the sawdust-covered floor.
Ran unsheathes his rapier

"Ok, so I didn't want to pull a weapon on an unarmed man. I'm wondering if you're onna them kicky-punchy fellas what with the martial arts whatnot. So really yous been fighting with your weapon the whole time. Anyway, imma stab ya"

[Natural 1 on my attempt to deal non lethal damage


Ran, against his natural instinct to drop his blade out of sheer clumsyness, manages to slash his opponent in the leg

[6 damage]

"Thank the gods for sheep"
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As Ran whips out his rapier in imitation of Brad, it nearly flies across the room, leaving the halfling scrambling to hold onto the sword with both hands.

Hold up. Missed an advantage roll.

(Ty and Charity are up.)

"Thank you, elder. May the Great Mother smile on you and yours." Charity inclines her head to Marten before she wipes some of the blood from her mouth, before turning to look at the battle. Seeing only one of the ruffians still up, the young woman walks over calmly. "Sir? Please yield. The tides have turned against you and your comrades, but it is not too late. Walk away. Please." Her genuine plea is accompanied by a complete lack of defense of any kind on Charity's end. Should the ruffian continue to strike - even at her - then fate would not be kind to him.

Using Help action to grant the next attack roll against the final guy advantage, because ganging up on one dude is not Charity's style.

Edit: On MD's suggestion, Persuasion roll for 17.