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I've been slacking lately. "Relationship weight" and all that. Only up about 5 pounds but when you factor in presumed muscle loss, it's probably more like 10 pounds worse. Gotta get more serious. Thankfully it wont take long to do if I nip it in the bud before I let it get worse and all that.
Spoiler alert: Thanksgiving + Christmas are a bad time to try to find a new resolve. Had an unfortunate binge on Sunday (probably like 1500 Calories of junk) so I just threw out everything. Its kind of funny that people ask how I did such a good job of losing weight and really I still have no ability to do moderation. I just have to keep myself in an environment where I have no choice for meals and no unhealthy food in front of my face. I also have picked up the habit of finishing my GF's food at restaurants since she only will eat half her meal. So I 100% need to keep my eyes on my own plate.

Somehow despite all this I'm still only 158lbs though. Its definitley funny since there was a time I would've assumed I would die before I was within 50lbs of that, but now I just feel like a blob. My dad is having a beach wedding in a bit over 3 months and I really want to be slimmed down for that. I won't be as muscular as I was at my best point back in July/August, but I should at least be able to have some of this fat off by then.
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I'm not sure if this counts as a health issue or anything, but at random times I'll feel a WEIRD heat from my left index finger. I feel it for a few seconds, and it goes away.
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Make sure to get plenty of fiber.
Fool your hungry body into thinking you stuffed it, just like it demanded.

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I just use my calorie counter and sheer willpower. And yes, I use a calorie counter because it's the only way I catch myself boredom grazing.
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Today is the beginning of year 3 in my ongoing "maybe watch what you eat and do" journey of daily weigh-ins and calorie counts. Lost an additional 15lb this go-around, for a total 68lb/30.8kg lost (217->149). Not displeased, considering what my last year's been filled with, like the divorce a year and a day ago. My goal for the year is 4lb away (probably my permanent weight target, unless I somehow replace a bunch of fat with muscle).

While I'm still an emotional eater, my binges are much more infrequent and smaller--having to account for what I'm doing is a really effective self-control method. I've also been off-keto since early October (developed an extremely painful rash that matched what is known as "keto rash"), which means I don't have the "oh gosh forbidden food" excuse, requiring more willpower and accountability.

Unfortunately I haven't really exercised with regularity this past ½/¾ year, due to a myriad reasons. I intend to remedy that in the coming weeks (the inertia is stronk). As a result my body composition (estimated and in the mirror) is nowhere near what I'd like it.