General Empyrion Thread

Guess it's time to go hunting and see how fast I can raise Talon rep.
Failing that, I guess it's time to wipe talon off of the map so they quit attacking my base :)
Raising rep with Talon was really easy on the starting planet. They have a big territory there, with lots of predators.

Lots of predators sometimes. Sometimes, just full of prey.

Tried to raise rep today. Got up to 2000 before I ran out of predators and my rep sank back down to where it started.

Note: Plasma cannons are not good for hunting. I don't think you get rep if you kill a predator with splash damage. So, I've swapped them out on my hunting SV with gatling guns, and hopefully will fare better next run.
Is there a list of predators somewhere? Even the wikis don't list it. They just list animals as agressive or non agressive.
“Aggressive” = ”Predator”
You can tell them apart by the color of the number next to their health bar.
Even though the slimes and the coreids will attack the player, they are considered “non-aggressive” because they only attack when threatened/encroached.

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Welp there goes Empyrion with a hyooj 1.3 update. Decals, faction & trader overhaul (gotta discover 'em now), player skills/stats, but most spiders!
...buuuut I've moved on at the moment to play other games. Maybe will come back to Empyrion later, but next time I'm in I'll probably just set my structures to public and walk away for now. I'm sure the Zirax are relieved.



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Well, I've updated the server, but I don't know if it will work right. This sounds like a "wipe and start over" kind up update. Am I wrong?


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What pulled you back in?

Not really running a public server atm, just had a buddy who wanted to play a survival-crafting game and liked the sound of Empyrion, so I'm kinda mentoring him through the early game.

They have made some improvements, though many of the same bugs as before persists.