Gas Bandit's Recommended video settings


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For best results with a decent video card, I recommend:

Fullscreen: ON
Fullscreen Window Mode: OFF (Fullscreen window mode, while making some things more convenient like alt-tabbing or mousing to a second monitor, has a significant performance impact)
Max Framerate: (varies by computer, but I recommend no lower than 60) EDIT: Set to 50 to combat microstuttering!
FOV: (entirely cosmetic, up to you to decide what you like. Default is 60)
Brightness: (same)
Contrast: (same)

Texture Resolution: Max
Character Texture Resolution: Max
SSAO: Off (SSAO has a significant performance impact, and IMO, looks like crap anyway)
Bloom: Off (While not particularly taxing on performance, bloom often just makes things look worse, imo)
Screen Space Reflections: Off (Eleon has acknowledged there is a problem with SSR, causing it to use more resources than it should)
Deco Distance: Far
Grass Distance: Far
Grass Density: High
Tree Quality: High (I actually get HIGHER fps with this set to high than any lower setting!)
LOD Quality: High (setting this low will make land voxels you dig out appear to be pristine again at aggravatingly close distances)
Shadow Quality: Off (Setting this to high will cause most systems to choke themselves to death, even medium isn't great, and low seems almost not worth it. Turning this off gives a MASSIVE performance boost, especially around large/complex structures, like Gargantua City)
Parallax Occlusion Mapping: High
Anisotropic Filtering: On
Depth of Field: Off (seriously, you want your screen to make things blurry that your reticle isn't pointing at? Instant eyestrain headaches)
Antialiasing: Medium (The game doesn't seem to play nice with driver-level AA overrides, and has its own built-in routines. Unfortunately, setting this to high just makes things look smudged/fuzzy instead of smooth. Medium seems ok.)
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240fps ought to be enough for anyone.

Some additional advice:
Max Framerate: Don't bother setting this higher than your monitor's refresh rate, whatever that might be. There's no point.
Sky Reflections Quality: This was skipped in Gas' list, it should be set to "off" as well for best performance.

Also as a yardstick, I'm playing from standard HDDs (not SSD) with a CPU and GPU that were pretty hot stuff back in 2012, but today's processors/graphics cards have WAY eclipsed them. However, I still consistently get minimum frame rates of 45 up to the high 60's or low 70's so long as I'm not transitioning between play fields (orbit to planet or vice versa).



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Edited to reflect that, as with many other unity games, setting max framerate to 50 is reportedly helpful at reducing microstuttering, if you're experiencing that. I sure as hell was, and it was hurting my brain.