Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again


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YOU ARE ENDANGERING YOUR CHILD!! You used a Danforth when the diagram clearly shows a Union! What do you think this is, loose silt?!
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Hey, a Danforth is a good compromise when you don't know what kind of bottom you're dealing with.
EDIT: Also I just realized that's local.

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Do you then use your ad-blocker to block the ad blocker-blocker? Because that's what I do and it fills me with glee.
I tried the most popular ad blocker blocker blocker, but never seemed to be able to get it to work.
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Posted on Reddit (and Imgur--I've learned my lesson) while the forums were down:

"Feeling Cute. Might frighten evil spirits later. IDK"

It's set to surpass my french dip in terms of upvotes and become my 3rd most upvoted post.

On Imgur, it's made....11 points. :facepalm:
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Now that's a baked cake!

Instead of how far she'll go, I guess she'll find out how high she'll go!

At least it was probably made in an oven and not in a pot!

They sure made a hash of that, didn't they!

In the olden days, they might've been stoned for a stunt like that!

... ok I've run out of marijuana puns.