Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

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The post I was trying to find was one where they broke down each of those "nonsense" ones and explained why all of them actually work. But that one at least lists 'em out.

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For years I've used the phrase "lost dimes never turn into nickels." It doesn't mean anything but I think it sounds right.
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my grandmother "he drives like a man with a paper ass!" I have no idea what it means but i laughed so hard once i shot mister misty out my nose.
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My dad once pointed out a rather short man with short legs for his body. And told us that, "He is suing the city."

"Why Dad?"

"They put the sidewalks too close to his ass."
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You would pass on having Cate Blanchet as Galadriel say fuck?

"Instead of a dark lord, you would have a fucking queen!"
I would put it right after Gandalf gives his "no matter what comes through that gate" speech in ROTK, when the armored trolls bust into Gondor, and he gets wide-eyed like he wasn't expecting that.

Right there. Just an old man grimly going "fuck."
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We had a very similar cake for our daughter. Our horn didn't look so phallic though. Maybe I just blocked it out. I'll go look at the bday pics to confirm.