Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

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The 4-guy alliance on the current season of Big Brother Canada are using that gesture as their "secret handshake."

They all even flashed the sign in their individual goodbye videos to the latest evictee, the Newfie chick the Newfie guy hooked up with.
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...or 4, depending on your market.

Also my own contribution: Why you hated dialing 978-0809 more than 252-1314.

My contributions:

1) Manual TV channel changing with the selector for which band to use.
2) Black and white TV (sure, it was the last one in the house)
3) Rotary dialing phones
4) Listening to my parents describing the party-line phone system they had
5) Front bench seats in vehicles other than regular cab pickups
6) "Go hold the antenna to make the signal come in better"

I know we're not supposed to "reveal it," but yes, I just turned 39...
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so, at close to 5K karma, that has become my most popular reddit post to date.
And I was afraid I would get downvoted to oblivion when I posted it.
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Hmmm...I had a roommate that tried to impose similar rules on our college apartment. Needless to say, I did not abide and eventually moved out.
It sounds so fucking ridiculous that I wonder if it's fake. Then again, your college story makes me wonder if anyone is actually dense enough to do this.
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Back in college one of my ex's roommates asked her to not have me stay over for whatever dumb reasons regarding propriety or something. Then when she got a boyfriend suddenly guys staying over was A-ok.