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Belle - Disney's Beauty and the Beast (played by Laurentea)
I'm very partial to Belle, something about that gorgeous yellow gown just grabs my eyeballs. This photo more than most. The setting, the colors and the cosplayer are all oh-so-pretty.

Rainbow Dash (played by CarlaDawn)
This shot is fantastic. The costume perfectly captures Rainbow Dash's sporty personality, and Carla has these giant eyes that make her perfect for cartoon characters. (Carla is a friend of LittleKagsin and they've got some cosplay they'll be doing together in the future. I'm really looking forward to it.)

Valerie, Josie, Melody - Josie and the Pussycats
Fabulous costumes, and these three seemed to be having fun in every pic I saw of them.

Zuko, Azula - Avatar: The Last Airbender
The detail in these costumes is amazing. I usually complain when cosplayers don't smile, even if it's in character to scowl, but I think it works in this pic.

Freya - Chobits (Played by Dessi-Desu)
Ms. Dessi is one of my favorite cosplayers, and she's a fabulous artist as well. This is one of those cases where I know nothing of the character, but the costume is so lovely it just amazes me anyway. Add to that the fantasic backdrop of the stairs, and I'm hooked.

Skull Knight - Berserk
I can't even fathom what it took to construct this. The shape, the color... the way it all comes together is astounding.

Alexiel - Angel Sanctuary (Played by Etaru)
I love wings, and these are a beautiful pair. The sun shining through from behind is an amazing shot. The costume is stunning, and Lada wears it well.

Brock Samson - Venture Brothers
Crazy accurate cosplay. I like it when a good photo comes from a shot on the con floor.
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That Skull Knight is mind-boggling. It's like seeing a really good Space Marine (WH40K) cosplay.


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Uh....excuse me... that's just Thor.....not Lady Thor or Princess Thor... Thor. She has the hammer and everything. ;)
Shut your mouth. If Batman gets to be a princess, then Thor can be a princess too.
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I want to know what Robin is wearing.
...assuming he's not just under there, that is.

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This looks like as good a place as any to say this: the world needs more Cate Archer cosplay. The NOLF2 Cate Archer...
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Someone bought the rights to it awhile back and the assumption is they were fixing the game to sell on GoG.