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Woot! Cosplay is back.

Supergirl, Superman
I thought this image was the perfect way to start off the thread. Kinda derpy, but I think it ends up awesome for it.

Supergirl (played by CourtoonXIII)
I love Courtney's smile so much. She makes an amazing Supergirl.

Wonder Woman
I really like this take on the Wonder Woman costume, fantastic work.

Catwoman, Batman
The emotion in this photo is... the lighting, the pose, the costumes, everything combines for a heavy impact.

Poison Ivy
I am a sucker for redheads, but aside from that I think this is a fantastic shot. Ivy's red and green really come to life in the neutral toned setting.

This is a really creepy Joker. The comedy of the multi-colored "HA"s really conflict with the dark anger of the facial prosthetics and makeup.

Martian Manhunter
I can't imagine the work that went into this costume. Amazing job recreating a difficult character.
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Holy crap! Even with the misplaced clasp and the "normal" eyes, that guy is J'onn J'onzz.



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I had to look around to figure out this really is Supergirl. I'm not sure what comic this is from, but in some storyline Darkseid corrupted her and this is the costume she wore. Love the photo, though. Anna Fischer does great work.