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I recommended a name on your Tumblr but the post got eaten when I asked how to post comments. Can you only comment once or something? Anyway.

It was something like "Bumblr: an Experiment in Sequential Art, Butts, and Social Awkwardness".
I saw that and it was indeed in the running. I think I'll be going with something a friend suggested, simply: Bumble's Fumbles.
Title ideas:

The life and times of Lin Bestmen.

An exploration of odd emphasis choices

Bumblr tumblr

Butts: the pinnacle of humor.

The erotic musing of Bumble: A sexploration of the mind.
Bumblr Tumblr is actually really great.

Consider this though: It's a fart, it's a penis, no, it's BUMBLE!


Yeah, but see, the comic name can't be better than the content I'll be creating. That's gonna be a problem with this title here
Plus I'm pretty sure that was the original working title for Garfield. You don't want to get sued.
Copied over from my Facebook:

I'm going to re-open my commissions again real soon, but I had to make some changes. For starters, there will be different things you can buy for different prices. I'll make a chart or image or something that will lay those all out, but basically they will range anywhere from $5 for the cheapest, to crazy amounts that I haven't decided yet.

What kind of things can you buy? It will be things that you usually see me drawing. Video Game characters, Fat Animals, Stupid Comics, etc. All of which you will have the option of having me sending you a digital copy of the drawing, or for an extra fee, I can ship it out to wherever you are.

So if you have a blank spot on your wall, and you always wanted a classy drawing of a cartoon butt to hang there, well your dreams may soon be realized..

If you can't wait for me to officially open up and start these things, and have any questions, just shoot me an e-mail: (Send me a PM, Halforums!) You can send me a facebook message, but I always feel like I'm terrible at responding to those.

I don't know how many people follow my tumblr or Instagram, but should I just start by posting things I've been doin over the last year? Let me know what you guys would like to see


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Followed. Who else is on tumblr around here? Didn't we used to have a list?
I got to make this recognition board at work this week. Sorry for the slight blurriness of the pic[DOUBLEPOST=1411008702,1411008650][/DOUBLEPOST]Here's the owl in the center