[Brazelton] Al Kaline (1934-2020)

One of the greats. Valued his privacy immensely.
He and Ernie will always be the faces/voices of the Detroit Tigers to me.

Valued his privacy immensely.
Finally remembered where I'd heard this.
Last time I was at the auto place having my oil changed (so maybe a month ago), the porter related a story to another customer about delivering a car to Kaline (while working at a different dealership). He was given a new model to go deliver to Kaline (this was apparently a thing that happened every year), but rather than drop it off at his house, Kaline had him meet up in a local restaurant parking lot, at which point they swapped keys, cars, and titles, and then they each drove off to their respective destinations--Kaline to his home (presumably), and the porter back to the dealership with the old car.

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