So, this became part of the household today.

Free cats are never free. Spent about $100 on supplies yesterday (food, litter, couple of toys, litter box, collar, and some treats), about a months supply of each, maybe longer, it is a tiny little thing.

Still searching for a name, wife is looking at Disney relates names. Top of the list so far: Maui, Berlioz, Merlin, and Rajah.
Our daughter came up with another for the running, Doc. This one has the added bonus of how they put names for animals in at the vet, he would be Doc Brown.

Alternately: “Fraternité, Égalité, Libertérian platform 2020”

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they have a quest that will help unlock the Infinity +1 Sword later in the game.
Their situation is dire enough that they are willing to see what you have to offer, and the ginger one wants to trust you, but the other two are less than impressed and it will take some glorious galavanting and derring-do before they will be won over. The only reason they are even giving you a chance is because they trust the ginger.