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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    They’re describing it as “a mental issue.”
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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    Maybe. Didn't see it because it happened at like 6am.
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    New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    Asian Olympics suck. Rio was great.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Uhh @jwhouk you might wanna watch out.
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    NCAA Football Thread

    The SEC Network (obviously not the same people who make decisions) suggested pod formats. The conference would be in groups of 4 that play each other every year, then a rotation with the other teams. It’s probably the best way to preserve traditional rivalries while still making sure everyone...
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    NCAA Football Thread

    So…it sure sounds like Oklahoma and Texas are moving to the SEC and nobody has any clue what’s going to happen to the remaining Big 12 teams.
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    [Rant] Minor Rant III: For a Few Hollers More

    That’s not how you do it. You make a post titled “Halifax sucks” then in the text write a screed about how shitty a city it is because they don’t even have one guy who can attach a bike rack to your car at a good price.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Oh no, in fact even a slight breeze could…
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    Israel Thread

    Of all the laws that are blatantly unconstitutional, anti BDS ones are maybe the most blatant. “You HAVE to do buisness with this country no matter what.”
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    [NBA] The NBA Thread

    The disrespect to Brandon Jennings.
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    [NBA] The NBA Thread

    Incredible game/series by Giannis. His knee bent backwards less than a month ago.
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    New Picture Thread

    New avatar time?
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    Rant VIII: The Reckoning

    You have other friends?
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    The Super Dooper Canadian Thread (now with 47% more Canadian Bacon)

    I didn't realize you also need a negative test along with your vax card. That's a pain in the ass.