[Movies] The Upcoming Movies Trailer Thread

I didn't think it was a bad rendition. She wasn't over singing it, a trait you develop when you're on stage. It sounded more...heart felt.
In other musical news - I'm hyped for Rock of Ages.

I know this is the trailer thread but I'm too lazy and I have managed to get absolutely nothing spoiled for it yet - but this weekend Piranha 3DD's limited release includes my favorite theater in Houston!!!! I can't wait.
Not having much in way of spending money sucks. Movies I'm interested in:

Snow White and the Huntsman
Amazing Spider-man
The Dark Knight Rises

We have money on our gift card for TWO films. And then my aunts will be getting us free tickets for Brave since we're taking the little ones off their hands for a weekend. But otherwise, gotta choose two, and I know Dark Knight Rises is definite.

I wish we had dollar theaters around here.


RT has it at an 82% so far. I still want to see it given the universe in which it's set. :D
(Snow White is at 45%)
My problem is that I doubt I can convince my wife that Prometheus is what we should see and then I doubt she'll enjoy it either. It's making me drool, but it's probably a better movie to see with my friend who's a horror nut. Though she's far away and I still wouldn't have money.

Blargh. Apparently all the cheapo theaters around here closed up before we ever moved here.


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Aaargh. I've heard Hugh Jackman sing in Oklahoma and hated it. Who knows? Maybe this will change my mind. Didn't care for Anne Hathaway's singing, but I bet she would play this part well. Same with Jackman. I never would have thought of Crowe as Javert. I'm just curious enough to check this out.


I just saw that this morning. I am so pumped I can't even contain myself.


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I don't think that's a Western anymore Inglorious Basterds is a war film, really. Tarantino films kinda demand a category of their own...
Why is my friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man such an asshole?
He screwed around with a car thief (which is totally in character) and then got really pissed off at a cop who shot at him. I don't think we was any bigger of an asshole than he usually is in the comics.
I think the thing that felt off about it was it not sounding like his usual sarcasm, and more like flat-out taunting. Felt more like one of those stereotypical bully/nerd confrontations than Spidey screwing with a villain. On top of that the cop immediately opening fire while his hands were up was kind of weird. I mean, all things considered I'll probably end up seeing this eventually, but this clip doesn't have me as excited for the movie as I once was.
Going to hold back judgement. After all I thought Toy Story 3 looked stupid in its first few trailers and it turned out to be Pixars best film yet.