I'm home from a 6-day 5-night trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. Had a great time, did almost everything that I set out to do on this trip (only missed one ride that I wanted) but got to see many things that I hadn't seen before. I actually came home with significant cash left in my pocket and don't owe anything on the trip.


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Arrr, I might have scurvy.


No, seriously.


Why are you looking at me like that?...

Oh, it's because this is the EPIC WIN thread and scurvy is not made of win. Yeah, I can understand that. Well, for those that don't know I've been sick for ~15 years now, and for the first 5 or 6 years I periodically saw doctors who couldn't find anything wrong and wanted to put me on anti-depressants. When I said that I wasn't depressed, they said they couldn't help me. Recently I decided to see a doctor again, and apparently I've found a better one this time... or I've just gotten that much worse.

I've gotten back some of my preliminary test results, and they show deficiencies of: Vitamins B12, C, D, E, some amino acid... Glutamine (?) and maybe something else. I don't have the results next to me. I go back in Tuesday to discuss the results in detail (including my positive Epstein-Barr tests), but when my mom was picking up nutritional supplements the doc said my vitamin C was the lowest he's ever seen. He's also going to put me on vitamin B injections, so I get to be a pin-cushion... yea...

So, an odd thing to be checking off as EPIC WIN, but I'm damn glad to know that there's concrete evidence of something seriously wrong with me. Now to find out what's been causing all these low levels, since I eat a pretty balanced diet.
No offense is meant by the following comics but they came to mind when I read your post



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also on the plus side, you might be a pirate!
LOL, yeah.

I don't know what level of symptoms it takes to have scurvy. I haven't had any of the worse stuff, like bleeding mouth sores and lost teeth, but I have had some of the more minor symptoms like problems with mucous membranes and a red rash. I'll find out more from the doctor on Tuesday.

The real plus side is that I'm not diabetic. I'm not sure what else has been ruled out yet, though.


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Wasn't meaning it THAT way, bro-head. I don't ask folks to "kiss" and tell. *chuckles* I remember you saying that she's less-than-experienced, is all. Glad to hear that it was enjoyable for all concerned.
Well, yeah... that's why we're taking it slowly. Not rushing into things and all that...
I think a certain someone will be disagreeing with you in just a moment.
Can someone please rage in all caps for me? I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now.
It's that person's right to disagree, and my sovreign duty to not give a fuck what they think.
Fuck the Beatles, they've been broken up for longer than I've been alive. I recognize their place in the history of music and of the 20th century, right up there with Elvis, but I don't listen to him, either. We're not all fucking required to love them the insane way one person does.
Yeah, it's cool that you found a record. But that isn't going to get you a full page of people saying "Good job" or "Respek Knuckles".

Oh yeah, nicely done, NR.