New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

We bought all of this a month ago and still have a month until we get him. Ended up being around $650 and most of it was on sale. Also had a coupon for $100 off.
My parents had a cactus garden in the front yard. Then they thought it was a good idea to teach me to ride a bike on the adjoining sidewalk...

Sometimes I think they were out to get me.
Hmmm. I might have taken a picture or two of our Pugs...

Silk (on left) and Louis. Silk is 9+ and Louis is 4.
Closeup of Louis
Silk in his most common position
My puppy, Molly, newly awoken from a nap!

Ok, she might not be a puppy anymore. She's going to be 13 this year.

I LOVE Corgis. Like, totally. Would that I could have one right now...
We got ridiculously lucky with him. A military family friend adopted him a year ago but they could no longer keep him so we accepted him into our home. He's 1yr old, fully housebroken, kennel trained, doesn't chew on anything he shouldn't and the worst thing he does is chase the cats (but not attack them). He's great with the kids, loves to cuddle, tons of playful energy and walks without pulling/choking.

I feel like we hit the puppy lotto.
Here's my boy:

He lays on my cosplay stuff most of the time when I'm working on it - so this is right before last years SDCC.

Tress your knuckleheads look like a lot of fun! Kags, that is one very pretty pup...isn't laying on whatever you need in their job decription? Mine gets that job done perfectly every time!
My mom trying to teach Reyna how to play the keyboard.
She got better as the night went on.
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Heres my bud, Roofus. I realized I don't have a good current picture of him, so I snapped one.

About a year and a half ago I thought I had lost him. I had been bringing him to the vet every couple months for at least a year. He would get lethargic and not do anything. He'd get mixed up and start walking in circles. Lots of strange stuff. The vet kept telling me it was most likely Anaplasmosis, a tick disease. It kept coming back though.

I brought him to a new vet who ran every test he could think of. He said he didn't think it could be Anaplasmosis, but every test he did came back great. He said he was one of the healthiest 7 year old labs he had seen. That just left the possibility of a brain tumor. Getting it diagnosed would cost a couple thousand, and even then they wouldn't be able to treat it. I was told to just enjoy what time I had left and when I felt he was in too much pain to bring him in and put him down.

A couple months pass and he's not eating anymore. I can hardly get him out the door to go to the bathroom. When I do he growls at me. He had never in his life growled at any one. A lot of the time he just pees in his bed and keeps laying there. I just wasn't ready to let go. Finally he starts puking, lays down outside, and won't move at all. I figured that was it. A new vet opened up closer to me, so I call him to make an appointment to put him down on Monday. He says he wanted to try one thing, but I didn't hold out much hope.

I bring him in and he wants to give him a shot to see if it's Addisons disease. It's when your adrenal glands don't work right. Within a couple days it was like a switched flipped with him. He was so hungry he actually chewed up the plastic container my parents used to store dog food. I was ready to have my dog put to sleep, and suddenly he was back. He's still not 100%, but he's doing ok. He's on a pretty high dose of his medicine, and I think he may need more. So I'm a bit worried as to how long this can last. Normal dogs his side should be on .8 mg of fludrocortisone. Right now he's at 1.8.

We'll see where it goes. I've had him a year and a half longer than I had expected. I'm just happy for the time we have right now.

Here's a couple more pictures from when he was younger.


When do you get to take Ezra home? Who chose the name and why? It's a cool name and fairly rare among dogs I've known so I'm just curious. Hope you have lots of luck, fun and an easy time with housebreaking!
When do you get to take Ezra home? Who chose the name and why? It's a cool name and fairly rare among dogs I've known so I'm just curious. Hope you have lots of luck, fun and an easy time with housebreaking!
We get him August 24th. His name was joint decision between my girlfriend and I but I suggested it, mostly because it would be less common for when were are out with him. I think I heard it most recently while reading an in-game note in the last of us and just took to it.