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Woot! Cosplay is back. Let's get this started with some fantastic Marvel photos:

Nick Fury
The flow of that jacket is fantastic, and I think it manages to look like the badass that Nick Fury is.

Dark Phoenix (played by 6AURA9)
I would have posted this for the hair alone, but fabulous wig aside this pose is sultry and fits very well with the fiery Phoenix. A beautiful model, and I love her X-23 costume as well.

I love this version of Dazzler's costume, and it's so well done.

I'm not usually one for photoshopped effects in photos, but I think they work here. They're not overbearing, and serve to highlight the costume. Great pose for the mallrat.

Dagger & Cloak
Fantastic pose here, without the black backdrop provided by Cloak, Dagger's costume would get lost in all the brightness of the scenery.

The Punisher
Fantastic use of light and shadow here, for this excellent take on the character.

Doctor Doom
Holy cow, this armor. Regal and imposing at the same time.

Madam Hydra
The angle makes those stairs appear steeper than they are, giving a nice sense of motion and drama, making this villainess seem tall and imposing, even from above.
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That doom is awesome. Jubilee and punisher felt a tad phoned in but that might be the characters mostly.
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Shiny. It's funny. I first read Psylocke when she was an Englishwoman named "Elizabeth Braddock", in the Fall of the Mutants saga, and she was barely physical at all. In fact, in one of the issues, Spiral of the Freedom Force grabbed her, put Oracle's golden mask on Psylocke's face, and basically fused it on with one of her knives by impaling her in the face with it. A few years later, I pick up an X-Men, and she's Japanese, and supposed to be more or less the same character.
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Northstar has been out far longer than Batwoman or even Montoya prior to her being the Question. I think the first gay character in the DCU was that blonde woman in Superman on the Metahuman task force, her or Obsidian. As for the new 52, if we're talking the most high profile gay character, that would now be Allen Scott.
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The only reason I say GAGL is because of all the hubbub about changing his sexuality in the new DCU. As far as the MANNER in which gay people are portrayed, Batwoman's is one of the better portrayals I've ever seen. It's not played for titillation or treated as something scandalous. At least it was prior to the new 52. I haven't read a single DC title since the relaunch.


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I love cosplayers so damn much. A cosplayer named BuckyBird has a Tumblr called AskWebHead where responds to questions as Peter Parker / Spider-Man. I made a snarky comment, which turned into this:


If you're on Tumblr, BuckyBird is a lot of fun to follow.
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I get why cosplayers would do it, but why is it that superheroes are so often depicted spending their downtime in full uniform? The cartoons are the worst at this. I mean, if Wanda is relaxing at home with a movie, it's not going to be in leotard and heels. It's going to be huge fluffy robe, bunny slippers, and a big bowl of ice cream.

I'd like to see someone cosplay that, and still be recognizable as the character. :)