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This is Megan, aka SoloGrayson, aka Solo-Dono, Solo-Forever, or just Solo. She's a member of the cosplay group Inner Mind Theater (and I'm a total IMT fanboy.)

Doctor Girlfriend (Venture Bros.) Rest and Relaxation by *SoloGrayson

Solo is going through some health problems right now and is asking for help. I know those of us on Halforums already have causes we're giving money to, but I'm posting this as a signal boost anyway. If you want to donate so she can afford medical care, you can contribute to her IndieGogo.

Her Tumblr post about the situation can be found here.

Dipper, played by Courtoon, and Mabel, played by Solo (Gravity Falls) Little Dipper by *SoloGrayson

The project is already funded as I'm posting it, but a $500 goal was a real lowball for medical expenses, if you ask me. In any case, this post is also about soliciting prayers, goodwill and just general recognition that Solo is an awesome young woman.

Robin (Damian Wayne, DC Comics) Son of the Bat by *SoloGrayson

Go over to one of her social media sites and check out her cosplay, and tell her what a fantastic job she's done: