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    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    "Black Lives Matter will Wreck Fox News" I think it would be hard to ask for a better outcome.
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    HDCP compliant monitor?

    well that's annoying. I don't know that I'll be doing any streaming or such with that rig but I don't want to limit myself anyhow. Guess I either drop a few more dollars or convince myself that immediate gratification isn't worth it. Thanks
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    HDCP compliant monitor?

    So.... is this still a thing? I'm looking to buy a monitor (in the end two) for a new rig that I"m going to be building. But because of my immediate gratification complex I was looking and found a monitor up the road at my local Staples for a not bad price that I could be putting to use in the...
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    [Announcement] Next Wednesday Night. Be Here.

    Sorry I missed this. I know I don't post much these days and have been perfecting my lurker status but to realize that this little community has now been running for ten years..... We've had our ups and our downs, but I raise my glass to you bunch of misfits.
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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    Terrible that no one else got that and I have to come out of hiding to compliment
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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    Seems legit. .....
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    I just had sex thread

    I seem to have forgotten this thread was a thing. Anyone going to Jersey though iswelcome to jump over the border to PA and have a drink with your local necromancer.
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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    I now need to add something to my shopping .
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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    "... and a baby alligator." :rofl:
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    [Gaming] Fallout 76 Info Dump

    I.... I actually saw the trailer for this and was kind of excited for it. .... I've never played a fallout game before though. And I have never followed the franchise. But it looked like a post apocalyptic game that may actually get me back into MMOs. I'm wrong?
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    [Movies] Talk about the last movie you saw 2: Electric Threadaloo

    Saw Avengers infinity war a second time in theater. Notablebecause I can't think of any other movie outside of the re-release of A New Hope that I've seen twice in the theater. A day later saw Deadpool 2. Loved it. Like so many others I am glad marketing didn't give away the big points. I'm not...
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    This is America

    I'm sure the video has a message and is important. but I got through 30 seconds and I could not tolerate it anymore ...... welp, maybe I'm getting old
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    [Important] What the hell just happened?!?

    I didn't read this thread. I just here to say "It's ok Dave. we still love you" But of course I'm late and not paying attention. That's kind of my thing.
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    Damn it. Surprise ruined. Pokemon board game.

    K. No longer sure I can help you. Also: How did this thread make it to the second page before this jokes is being made?
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    New Picture Thread

    Whelp, I'm a little late to the party (as always) but.... Well if you need me I'll be in my bunk