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Mists of Pandaria Cinematic came out today, for those interested.

Also, big new change. They are removing expansion requirements from all races, even the Pandaren. What this means, is you can technically not own a single expansion, and can still make a Goblin, Worgen, or Pandaren (Draenei and BE were already merged into the base game awhile back). Worgen and Goblin go live in the base game during 5.0 this month, and then Pandaren will go live when MoP releases and 5.0.4 is deployed.

If you want the new Monk class, level range, and obviously the continent of Pandaria itself, you would still need to buy the expansion.
Is it me or does that cinematic completely contradict basically everything they've said about the expansion?

"It's focused on the Horde/Alliance conflict!" - okay, for about a minute, then they team up again to fight...a panda. Big drama here.

"It's not cartoonish/silly/based on kung-fu panda!" - then why is the fight in your cinematic consisting of a panda using his kung fu moves to make both the orc and the human look silly in a slapstick kind of way?
Is it me or does that cinematic completely contradict basically everything they've said about the expansion?
Yes and no...

It is focused on the Horde and Alliance conflict, but the Pandaren are supposed to be the ones to help "calm" them leading into the next expansion. The cinematic is simply forshadowing what the Pandaren will likely bring later on, but much like the beginning of the cinematic, the conflict is going to be the focus when it all boils over in 5.3 with the final raid at Orgrimmar. The cinematic is simply setting up something for the future rather then something for 5.0

Also, while the fans like myself have been intent on pointing out Pandaren were created before kung fu panda, Blizzard themselves have never really said anything about it. Obviously the game is more lighthearted then Cataclysm, and the cinematic goes a long way to show that, but it still has some serious story arcs. It does make me curious though, how would you introduce Pandaren and Monks in the cinematic if they don't make them do kung fu?

P.S. The Pandaren in the cinematic was Chen Stormstout, so he obviously was going to make those two supposedly no-named grunts look like fools.
Honestly? If the focus is supposed to be on the pandas, make the cinematic about the pandas. Show them doing their thing, maybe introducing one of their storylines, dungeons, or raid bosses. If they're interesting enough to build an expansion around, they should be able to carry a ~3 minute cinematic, and it would convey a lot more information than this did. Having a monk/monks here is even fine, but it shouldn't be the ONLY thing you show about them if you want to downplay the kung fu panda thing.

If the focus is on the Horde/Alliance dynamic, don't make a panda central to your cinematic. By all means show them, but do it through the lens of what the factions are after, not by having them interrupt and overshadow everything else.
I can see what you are getting at, but considering what they are going for, I think a mix was good in this case. Besides, seeing Chen in CGI was pretty sweet.
Also, nobody wants to see a "realistic" gameplay video (as a cinematic). The cinematics for WOTLK didn't show a Death Knight being able to keep their own against a Warlock or whatever - they showed the DKs as kicking ass. No point in adding new things and making them out to be "just as good, more or less" than the older ones - even if they sort of have to be for balance. In your PR, they're going to be awesome and cool.

Also, huuray for Chen! I probably like him just because he hasn't been completely horribly mutilated by WoW-lore yet, but I guess that'll be over soon. Oh well.
The cinematic for WotLK showed Arthas being mopey, summoning a dracolich and ruling over an army of the undead. Not much Death Knight stuff going down there (the class anyway, I guess Arthas was technically a DK once, but he had since long outgrown that silly nonsense).
The cinematic for WotLK showed Arthas being mopey, summoning a dracolich and ruling over an army of the undead. Not much Death Knight stuff going down there (the class anyway, I guess Arthas was technically a DK once, but he had since long outgrown that silly nonsense).

The MoP cinematic I find to be closer to the BC cinematic.

The Vanilla cinematic focused on many of the various races and classes without showing them getting an edge over the other. Just some character and location shots, a few random battle shots, and then the logo.

The BC cinematic focused on the draenei and blood elf with a peppering of other races, and obviously Illidan. Rather then showing either race evenly with the others, we get to see the draenei obliterate multiple orcs and then watch the blood elf have to save her orc ally after he gets arrowed to death.

The WOTLK and Cataclysm cinematics were designed mainly to focus on the "power" behind the main enemy, with Arthas raising a massive wyrm while Deathwing is shown ripping up the planet.

The MoP cinematic goes back to promoting the new race (and in this case, class) over the old guard, using Chen as an example of how badass a Pandaren Monk could be.
Looks like Blizzard is attempted to make more Wrathgate-style cinematics this time around (Cataclysm really lacked them outside of the patch trailers and the final DS one). Right now we have one for both the Horde and Alliance Pandaria Intros, and one after a long quest in Jade Forest that shows how we fully unleashed the Sha.

So, Crimson Battalion, let's do something fun.

You want to be mercenaries? Then be mercenaries. This evening, I'll post a themed set of bounties for things to kill, along with rewards. Everyone who participates and offers some proof (i.e. screenshot?) of your deeds will get the rewards for now, so there's no need to race, and feel free to work together as necessary. I'll offer the names of the NPCs for the bounty, and a clue as to their whereabouts. If you want to head to WoWhead or wowpedia to get the exact location, knock yourself out.

This set's theme is going to be...TMBG.
Is that all three, or any one of the three?[DOUBLEPOST=1345266796][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, I have fleshed out the backstory for my shaman, so if we ever get around to actually role playing, I'm ready.
I heard there were giants running amok near Booty Bay.. Several Alliance had already fallen victim. I took it upon myself to see these menaces slain.. The reward was also tempting.

I set off at dusk. I knew I had to head south, my steed had been well rested. I could make the trip before the sun returned.


I always loathed Duskwood. I never could stand the smell of the rotting flesh of the undead. The woods are crawling with them.


A small pack of them got a bit frisky, so I had to make short work of them.


I hate the smell of their flesh..


I finally reached the edge of the jungle, which would take me straight to the land where the giants were known to roam.


I was ambushed by a pack of Murloc's..


Luckily, I've figured out how to best communicate with the beasts.


I was beginning to get lost in the thick foliage of the jungle, so I decided to head for a higher vantage point.


I could easily spot the direction I needed to head from atop the high hills of Stranglethorn.


Once I began to smell the sea breeze, and taste the salt in the air, I knew I had reached my first goal..


I was quickly flagged down by a local sailor (filthy pirate) and he claimed he had just been attacked by Gorlash. His crew was fighting him as we spoke. Naturally I headed for the lead.


We were too late...


We heard screams from around one of the hills, and I rushed as quickly as I could to the source. The cowardly pirate chose to run the opposite direction of the danger. Clearly an indicator of why he remains alive, while his crew all died.


Again... I had just missed the monster..


Finally, without notice, the ground began shaking! He had come to me!


Before I could realize what happened, he had approached! It was difficult to understand how this giant oaf could be so swift!


I had to keep my distance, so I began to slow him with my mastery of the frozen arts!


I had him on the run, and I was gaining the distance I wanted!


I began assaulting full-force! But the giant was still too strong!


I had created enough of a gap to allow me the time to summon the perfect ally to assist me... myself.


We unleashed!


While I had my images attacking, I took the opportunity to run up while he was distracted, and deliver a fatal blow!


And with a mighty thud... Gorlash had fallen. His death may save many lives.. but the victory is not yet had. There are others that remain. And there is always work to be done.

All Hail Bumbledore the Giant Slayer!
(Also... Geez, Pioty, you're all racist against giants and stuff. It makes sad Hagrid sad)

Today was fishing day. I like catching fishies. They have shiny scales and they can breathe under water, so I gobble them up and I can breathe underwater too!
I think I hear something behind me. The ground is shakey-shakey, but it's like that when my friends are here sometimes.
It IS a new friend. He's got shiny scales just like a fishy... I wonder what he tastes like. I think my friends would like to play with him.
They DO want to play with him. My friends are good at playing with new friends.
Awww... they hugged him so hard, he's not moving anymore.... He tasted like fishies...
I thought I should tell the bossy-man of Booty Bay about my new friend. I think he will be mad at me because I played so rough with him.
He wasn't mad! He called me a hero. Being a hero is fun.
Yeah, I'll be posting her back story soon. Long story short, she used to be a priest of the Naruu due to how easily she could communicate with them, but the crash on Azeroth introduced new voices in her head (the elements) and all the noise up there pretty much drove her insane. She's kind of looney toons now.
Hey, I just noticed that our guild is almost level 2!

Fast track is a sweet bonus. We'll all get to 85 faster!

I'm also loving Archeology. I'd never levelled it before. I've already got 2 pets and a couple fun dodads from it.
All Hail Bumbledore the Giant Slayer!
(Also... Geez, Pioty, you're all racist against giants and stuff. It makes sad Hagrid sad)

Aww, man, you guys aren't gonna like the next four bounties then...

Hey, they're all bad giants, though...