[Brazelton] Windows 7 SP1

So if you haven't seen all the notices, today (Tue, Jan 14, 2020) is the date that Windows 7 SP1 finally goes out of extended service. IF you are a volume license customer, you have the "opportunity" to fork over a few (hundred) extra bucks per machine to keep it on life support until 2023, but unless you have a fleet of machines (and some deep pockets!), this is it. Steam says that fully 1/3 of their users are still running Win7 SP1, but Statcounter says that Win7SP1's Internet-wide share has fallen from 35% in Jan2019 to just about 26% in Jan2020, and it's only a matter of time before the pressure mounts and you're forced to move to WinX whether you want to or not because Win8 is all but abandoned.

A moment of silence, then, for the last (and arguably greatest) "true" version of Windows that Microsoft ever released.



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Ugh. I hate windows 10 so much. Not as much as vista, but a lot.