[Important] What the hell just happened?!?


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Today I got a message that we were almost out of server space. Our max is 50 GB and we were in the high 40's. So I did some cleaning. Far and away our most wasted space was our test forum that we didn't really need until we had to test something and since I'd have to duplicate everything at that time it would be no more work to do it then. So I blew away our test forum.

That's when I found out the following:

  1. We did not, in fact, have hourly backups.
  2. Since February when we moved to XenForo version 2.0, we have been running on the Test database. *I* forgot to switch everything back when we went live. Which didn't really matter unless I were to, oh I don't know, completely blow away the test db! Which was actually our live db.
So here's the fallout. We lost almost 3 months worth of posts and threads.

I'm sorry. I broke my own rules about how to run things like that. ALWAYS rename and see what happens before you delete anything. And now we're going to have backups because I'm going to do them.

Again, sorry about the problems. You may now call me all sorts of names.
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Vero says dont worry about it. I accidentally erased all of Gabys pictures when she was two and she forgave me.
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Eh, it happens, don't sweat it.

For punishment, you are now no longer to ever say the words "rat toes" and "intolerant" in the same sentence. For ever.
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I just noticed something else... Supervillainous on the home page is ALSO back 3 months. Is this going to be an issue?
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Aww fuck, now what will we do without 3 months of posts in the politics forum? I miss my endless cyclical bickering.

That's it. I quit.
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Shouldn't this thread be stickied?
Also, now you're going to have to rejigger all the go-to-new-post stuff, adding "new" to the menu bar, all that sort of stuff.

Someone probably should've written all of this stuff down, or something.

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Man, that's three months worth of NSFW pictures gone, gone forever. In 5 years' time, I'll think "huh, I feel like looking at that one specific set of boobs again", and I'll go half crazy KNOWING I saw it here and not finding it.

Um, yeah, kind of a big oopsie there, Dave :p But we'll survive. I don't quite get why or how we *did* keep our changed avatars, though, I changed this less than a month ago.


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I don't quite get why or how we *did* keep our changed avatars, though, I changed this less than a month ago.
It's because your avatar is a file that gets overwritten when you change it, the DB entry for your user account just points to the same file name.

I wouldn't be surprised if all the attachments from the last 3 months are still floating out there in the server's folders with no entries pointing to them, still taking up space.
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What am I gonna do, go find new friends? No. Find a new admin? Hell no - Dave just learned a very embarrassing lesson, he'll never make this mistake again.
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There was a dark theme we had with a pure black background. Any chance we can get that back?


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This... is the forum of amnesia.

40 years ago, something happened to make all the users here lose their memories....