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The description just says "favoured foe that is alive", not "favoured foe that is alive and on screen". Is this a bug or just the game treating Krydle as if he's being played by a particularly convincing minmaxer?
That ability is Imoen's, actually, Krydle just seemed to be benefiting from it in a way that Warduke doesn't.

There must be some other hoodoo at work, because that 3.15e04 number is apparently the base number. Every time a beast comes on screen, it went up. When the screen was cleared, it went back down to that.

Now I'm running a different mission, and on low rounds, the base shield on Warduke is 2,223. Gonna leave it running while I go to work, and see what it is when they're up in the round 400-500 range.
Well, I left it running all day, and around round 520, the ability has upgraded even more.


I guess it just gets stronger with Imoen's level. Which is 1560 at this point.

And so on, and so on...

So it's not Krydle that's an amazing tank... it's that Imoen makes pretty much anybody an amazing tank. She refreshes the spell every time a new area is entered, or every 8th attack she makes (and she attacks every 1.75 seconds). Add on to that that Warduke is already the best tank and the best DPS, and it just gets ridiculous.


It should be noted that at this area level, a typical single attack against Warduke does about 1300 damage. And even if he weren't getting stoneskin, the party is healing him for ~7000 hp per sec. He is a tanking MACHINE, and only gets stronger the more he gets attacked.
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I've had a lot of time on my hands since having my hours cut after Christmas. I've been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2. Not the story or anything, just hunting out every single thing I can in the world, which has become very comforting and relaxing for me.....except for moose.

I've run into more moose walking around rural Alberta (literally a half dozen times) in real life than I have in 20+ hours (not solely) looking for one in a God damn video game...and I need fucking 4 more of their perfect 3 star pelts. God damned swamp donkeys are everywhere here.

PS: The game does an amazing job with animals but the moose are kinda small....moose are absolutely enormous. The legendary one you hunt (the only I've been able to find since it spawns in the same spot always) is a particularly small example. Arthur was taller.
Wylde Flowers

This is another farming game ( I have a problem, I know) that’s similar to Stardew Valley in some ways, but your character has a secret double life.

It’s pretty cute and doesn’t have combat so I can play it in my current state :)
You want any pointers, you let me know. My wife has already completed the game (checks notes) nine times at ~60hrs each playthrough.
A bit of a hint: keep your saves for each playthrough. That way when they release new content, you won't have to play through the entire thing to see what they've added down each branch.

So I'm on playthrough... uh.. eight or so in Stellaris. Covid plus Lunar New Year holidays means I literally sit at home and play games all day, unless I'm napping.

I've tried quite a few different playstyles so far, some more effective than others, some more fun than others. One of the most memorable ones was when I played as a hive mind devouring swarm, which basically means I could swarm across the galaxy eating everything in my path. Every alien empire that got in my way was eaten, unless it was a lithoid empire, in which case its denizens got ground up into minerals for industrial purposes.

There was also the time I built a galaxy-ending machine that turned every single star in the whole galaxy into a black hole. As you can probably imagine, the other empires were very alarmed when they learned I was building a device that would end all life galaxy-wide, so they all attacked me at once to stop me. The final stages of the construction of the machine were basically me playing a desperate holding action, trying to stop all the other empires in the galaxy at once by finding strategic chokepoints and trying to hold them off there as long as possible, before eventually losing that chokepoint and having to retreat to a closer defensive position. I got it done in the end, though, and ended the galaxy. That one was quite a memorable experience.

Most of my playthroughs have been on the more militaristic and aggressive side. So for my latest playthrough I decided to do something different. I'm playing as a xenophilic megacorporation, in which I'm basically doing everything I can to make friends with the other empires and make as much cash as possible, with which I buy up other resources I need, which ultimately makes me pretty powerful. However, I don't know if it's an issue of preferences or if I'm doing something wrong... but this just feels a bit boring. Everyone's getting along, everyone likes me, everyone wants to trade with me, I haven't been genociding anyone... It feels like there are long stretches of the game where nothing's really happening.

So I think after I'm done with this playthrough, I'll go back to being xenophobic. It's just more fun to have conflicts. After all, there's a good reason why this is seen as the Stellaris national anthem:

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