Ultimate vidya game music mix!

Post here your favorite video game music, either from the actual soundtrack of a game, or simply music about or inspired by a video game.

Stuff like this:

My personal favorite of "doing more with less:" (Solstice NES)
And then doing more with more: (Rock cover of same)
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So, it's Monday. I'm suffering from severe mondayitis at work, completely unmotivated, despite all the stuff I have to do.

And then I listen to this.

Now I'm filled with motivation and energy.

Here's my favorite version of "To Far Away Times" from Chrono Trigger.

And here's a great original piece by Tanooki Suit for Dark Souls called Lord Vessel.

So... someone made a mod that changes the Dark Carnival finale music in L4D2 into a rock version of the Skyrim theme. It's surprising how well it works.

I played so fucking much of this game. During summer break from school, my cousin would come over, and we'd stay up for 48 hours straight playing the shit out of this game (among others) while overdosing on caffein.

And then I'd sleep for like three straight days. Probably wasn't the healthiest of lifestyles.

So... this was hidden in the Payday 2 Christmas Heist update.

For those wondering, that's the voice of the original Hoxton from Payday 1, who is apparently also a singer. A nice treat, but what everyone REALLY wants is Old Hoxton's voice instead of new Hoxton.
So, Star Control 2, my favourite game of all time, had some great music (among many of it's incredible things) for it's time. Each alien theme fit it's species like a glove.

Lazy eyed Commander Hayes, of the Earth space station, and his never ending techno dance party.


The silicon based cyborg race, the Chmmr, one of humanities only staunch allies.

Ruthless backstabbing space capitalists, the Druuge of the Crimson Corporation.

The tragic Yehat, matriarchal warrior pterodactyls, forced into fealty in order to save their honor.

The blustering Thraddash, a species so full of their own shit, they've nuclear holocausted themselves back into the stone age several times.

Mad World was a totally fun title from Platinum Games that no one played because it was on the Wii. You play as Jack, an agent that has infiltrated a murderous gameshow where the island of Manhattan has been cut off from the outside and its inhabitants forced to kill each other to survive the game.

And of course it has an amazing soundtrack to go with all the carnage.

The Ur-Quan, the eponymous villains of the game!

Now, let's listen to Legacy of Kain music.

Ozar Midrashim by Information Society, the theme to Soul Reaver.

That theme got replaced by this tune for 2 and Defiance. It's a fine song but tis no Ozar Midrashim, English.

Hey there. Sit back, put on a pair of headphones*, and instantly be transported back to 1994. (Lemmings)

*(They're required for this mix)
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Do you like the music from Skyrim?

Do you like the music from Pirates of the Caribbean?

Well then, you'll probably like this.

This still cracks me up after all these years.

Also, from my all-time favourite game:

I still love listening to the whole soundtrack to Final Fantasy IV.
It's older, but it's still one of my favorites. I liked it enough to use it at my wedding reception. No regrets.

I find myself listening to this version a lot. It makes a beautiful classical adaptation.
Celt Z reminded me of my wedding. My friend who's a violinist played this instead of here comes the bride:

And when the wedding was over and we were walking out (herself playing Mario stuff in the video):