Duh. Thanks for the reminder.
To be fair, I now come accross some sites that are like "Huh it seems you in private mode, please turn off private browsing to view content" so they getting even worst when it comes to forcing you into watching ads or buying subs.
Snarf! Gym Jordan tried to imply LtCol was shit at his job, LtCol whips out most recent performance evaluation showing the opposite.
"Basque"? (Perhaps it's like basking, you just have to do it with a French accent...)
Is there one for under the bus, cause everyone is getting tossed under it today.
Do I put this in the regime thread? The funny polipic thread? The Apple thread? I don't know!

He... he didn't open that plant. It's not even an Apple plant. I live in Austin and this is making my head hurt.
I just think it's funny how one of the first things you see is "Designed in California"