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Some very rough back of the envelop calculations suggest that that sum could produce a 2.5-foot wall 2 studs wide across the width of Trump's proposed fence.
Perhaps we can use @Tress 's suggestion and build a Lego moat instead?
I actually tried to figure the 400bil but once I found out just how expensive a cubic foot of LEGO would be, I realized it was going to be a lot smaller than I originally thought.

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I think the farmers that use the Rio Grande for irrigation would mind having Legos clogging up their sprayer systems.
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Schumer and Pelosi should not have come on camera. Neither of them have the charisma. This cannot be the direction of the Democrat party. We need more like Ocasio-Cortez in the 60 Minutes interview and less "I am the establishment."

Also, Trump made it seem like he'd be making an announcement, but instead it was just the beginning of his 2020 campaign. We have zero say in how this goes right now.

I'm afraid I'm going to just get unreasonable with this because of how it's hitting us. I have weathered their hatred of people like me, but this is on a sustainability level. We're now a zero income household.
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I have weathered their hatred of people like me,
Informed voter?

Both speeches had all the gravitas of an uneaten grilled cheese sandwich.

Hopefully today will be all about Mueller time. Note that once again, none of this information comes from the special counsel. And the key point that the Manafort defense is making is, not that collusion occurred, but rather when Manafort lied under oath about it occurring it was not intentional deception on his part.

So to summarize yesterday,

Boring speeches about who is at fault for the shutdown.

Collusion between cheeto campaign and Russian now admitted and established.

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Let us know when/if we can help. I'm willing to pass the hat.
Thanks, Dave. I have us figured out for the next couple months, but I'm not going to wait that long if it looks like I need to find a new job. It just makes each morning feel like I'm wearing a cinder block hat and coming into work feel utterly pointless. I'm just expressing my disgust.
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Trump continues to not understand how the latest California fire happened, nor who actually owns responsibility for most of the forests. Not surprising since he doesn't understand anything.

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Hmm. Stops paychecks for federal workers.Tells FEMA to not send funds to help fight wildfires. FDA can’t inspect food, almost ensuring a major outbreak of E. Coli or listeria in the near future.

So...if Donald Trump can’t stop these foreigners from coming over the border to kill Americans he’s going to...kill Americans himself?
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When asked about the now admitted collusion between his campaign chairman and the KGB, Cheney whispered that he did not know about it.

Then went outside and yelled that he never said Mexico would pay for the wall.


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Americans build the best walls - the greatest walls. Unfortunately, Mexico builds the greatest saws.
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Well, of course the Wall will be built by a company whose owners bribed Trump's cronies, and then erect the shitiest wall with the shitiest materials so they can pocket the government money fed into an inflated contract.

Hell, I expect they'll skimp on labor costs by getting illegal immigrants to do the menial labor.

The wall be shit.
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You did expect this shitty plan to actually work, did you?

Why, it's almost as if anyone with half a brain said the wall wouldn't do a fucking thing to stop illegal immigration!