Top Ten Rejected Sub-Forum Names

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The name Pez's Playhouse & Cosplay Corner is going away. It's not bad, but it's not me. I don't feel like it fits. So, while I try and come up with something I like, here are the top ten rejected names:

10. Pez's Cosplay & Mail-order Brides
- One stop shopping.

9. That Sub-Forum With Only One Thread
- its two threads now!

8. Everything You've Ever Seen Until Posting at Halforums is Excrement, Relative to this Excitement!
- When talking to cosplayers, remember EYES UP HERE!

7. Bruce's Amazing Discoveries in Cosplay
- because everyone knows to come to Halforums for BAD Cosplay.

6. What Part of "Redhead" Don't You Understand?

5. Cosplayers Respected Each & Every Post, Yup
- Where all the comments are by CREEPY.

4. Department of Awesome Things And Shapely Superheroines.
- When can I tap DAT ASS?

3. Pez's Cosplay Paradise
- when you need a dose of PCP!

2. Cosplay Addicts Anonymous
- Hi, my name is Pez and I have a problem...

1. Halforums Emporium for Costumed Kooks
- You're a cosplayer? Then you can go to HECK!

Feel free to post your own suggestions (real or not) for what this sub-forum should be called.

Hopefully, in a few days, I'll get a thread up discussing the future, what plans I have and what everyone else would like to see.
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