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I have no idea who said it first before EVERYONE on Twitter started stealing it, so I won't link to any of them here. But I absolutely loved the tweet "Donald Glover is doing what Kanye West thinks he's doing."
I kinda like it, and I’m old, white, and don’t care for rap or hip hop. It’s sorta been swirling in my brain since I watched it.
No shame in being a Chrissexual.
...unless maybe you're RDJ. Then it gets aaawwkwaaaaaard...

I'm sure the video has a message and is important. but I got through 30 seconds and I could not tolerate it anymore
welp, maybe I'm getting old
Hmmmm... it would seem I'm running the wrong way.

In all seriousness, though, I thought the video had a lot of interesting commentary and layers. I don't think I'd ever replay the song without the visuals, but I'm definitely impressed with what Donald and the director crafted.
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Hmmmm... it would seem I'm running the wrong way.
Remember, Glover in that metaphor is not "you," it is an aspect of your self. So, for you, it might be "my tenuous grasp on marital fidelity" :p


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I fucking LOVE it. The vacuous-sounding chorus at the beginning. The shock. The confederate soldier pants. The tenderly-handled firearms. It's great.
I still want to watch the original video later, I’m never where I can watch AND hear it at the same time.