The Jay Show - Interview # 4 - LittleKagsin

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Official Sign-Up thread here:

The Jay Show proudly announces its "4th" and MOST INTERESTING interviewee ever... LittleKagsin.

Kindly note that this selection was taken completely at random... at no point or time did this host improperly consider this interviewee by any indiscernible advantages such as:

1. Nationality. Despite popular beliefs that some misguided posters may have, this host cares little whether you’re Canadian, American or whatever else you may have the misfortune to be. Except those with Spanish accents, I cannot easily accept you as the host cannot perform adequately if I am bothered with a perpetual and massive boner during the entire interview.

2. Providing us a “Kaggie”. (aka Dramatic Cosplay Acting) - *evil laugh*

3. Bribery of any form whether it would be physical, monetarily or a misplaced crate of Cheetos.

4. Promises of a “special prom night”.

5. Accessible “research and development” in the candidates online cosplay folder… nope, no access at all....nooope

As LittleKagsin is one of the most active interviewee candidates throughout the waiting period and such a cool person I’d love to hang out with, I think she’ll fit in very well with legendary previous candidates such as ThatNickGuy, LittleSin and Gusto.

This interview will be voice chat based and the format of the interview will be somewhat tweaked again for the 12 of you who still give a shit. To incorporate the addition of my sidekick’s questions and to reduce interview time, the questions will be cut down from 10 to 7 with less pre-interview questions. The sidekick will prepare 3 questions of their own.

Furthermore, for this interview, there shall be… pre-interview requests for additional entertainment that will appear in this thread. You will rue the day you applied for this interview LKS.

In the meanwhile the fine people of Halforums are encouraged to send me your discreet PMs and try to bamboozle LKS with your own special questions. The last batch of bamboozlers were impressive and I like how you folks have grown in the quality of your questions.

The interview will take place sometime next next week.


In the meanwhile, I'll continue "research" and expect some…. entertainment to appear in this thread.

Post away bitches.
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LET IT BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I'm so excited about this, you don't even know. I'm prepping myself, even now, for the unmitigated, savory horror that awaits me. Thanks so much for picking me, I promise not to disappoint.

Let's get some more interest in this interview, c'mon people bamboozle!!

Bring it on Jay, bring it on.
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Now 2!

As per your pre-interview punishment, expect a PM shortly within a day or so as you'll be performing for the Jay.

Gusto and I will be hosting our own podcast, simultaneously running while yours is going on; Making snide remarks and "do-ho-ho"-laughing like Statler and Waldorf do to the muppets.
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Kaggie, expect your set of instructions to magically appear by the means of PM sometime tomorrow.

So how many cosplay outfits do you own?

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Oh dear...0.O

Uh, I own 7 that I can remember right this second....*to lazy to go look*
(Appa, Ivy, femLink, Super Alice, Mikuru Asahina - Maid, School Uniform and Rocker.)
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... School Uniform? Give me all the gory details.


Gonna have to Goggle the rest of that other stuff tomorrow.. except Ivy and Snow White of course.
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It is seriously not that exciting. =^^= (Also, I'm working on the instructions, but right now the internet stops working everytime I click the link, I'll keep at it though!)
I don't know, the Catholic School Girl Uniform, is like a BSOD switch for many guys...
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I'm thinking nearly everyone has lost interest in this. And since most everyone doesn't seem to care, I think Jay has lost interest as well....

But I haven't! So if anyone wants to send me some questions, bamboozles or anything else (questions about me, cosplay, or just whatever you would like to hear), I was thinking I would do a Q and A youtube video for you guys. Does that sound alright? If so, flood me with questions! Flood me! I would still love to do this. :)
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Interest is not lost, no fear there! But maybe Jay has lost momentum for the moment?

Speaking for myself, I enjoy the hell out of these... they keep patrol interesting.


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Somehow I missed this thread. I am amused. You may continue.

Questions you want? Hmmm. Alright then.

How did you get into cosplay?
If you could be do any character, no limits on money or time, who would it be?
What is your favorite thing to do that isn't cosplay?

I know it's not a flood of questions sorry, it's more like a small gentle wave of questions, the kind of wave that just washes over your feet before retreating to the ocean depths.


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Here are the questions I sent to Jay, let me know if you want more Kags:

1. If you could make one cosplay, with no limits on time or budget, what would you do? What is your absolute dream costume?
<Ninja'd by Espy! :ninja:> Heh.

2. What is up with you not liking chocolate?

3. How did you get into video games?

4. If you had to give up one: movies or video games, which would you drop?

5. What is your favorite memory from going to ComicCon?
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