I won the lottery! It's only $600 but still. Now I want to upgrade my pc. Maybe I will make a thread asking for advice because my options here are very limited and I have a lot of restrictions if I want to buy internationally.
Sorry for the double post. Additionally, is there anything in particular you want? I have some parts laying around from a recent upgrade and my friend's recently upgraded his higher-end rig to a beastly rig, so I can ask around.


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Thesis has been successfully defended.

There are a few minor things I need to take care of before April 5th, but--as of April 29th--I will officially have the title of Doctor of Neuroscience.
So, some kind of amazing news: Open Minds Quarterly - who published my short story about depression, The Never-Ending Battle - contacted me today. They're putting out a special collection of their work that will be used for classrooms, both high school and college.

They'd like to re-publish my story in this collection!

Naturally, I emphatically said yes. I'm not getting paid, but they are providing me with a contributor copy. Still, it's pretty cool.

I asked them if I might me able to rework the story a little. Nothing major; just grammatical tweaks and adding a new sentence here and there. Haven't heard back from them yet. It won't bother me if they say no, but I do kinda wish I could rewrite some of it. I'd like to think I've improved some as a writer in the 7 years since the story was first published.

Also, this short story was my first work accepted for publication. Long before I even considered writing Dill adventures.
Epic-ness: Purchased a new car last night for me to go back and forth to work and I was able to sell my old car this morning.

Outgoing car: 2000 Saturn SL (1.9 L SOHC 4-cyl, manual trans) with a host of things that needed replacing: front passenger side bearing (second one on this side in just over a year), inner and outer tie rod ends on both sides, front driver side ball joint, exhaust system (leaking lots of places), and the front driver side fender had a hole in it behind the tire where someone hit my car in January on one of the coldest days here in WI - plastic shatters...

Incoming car: 2007 Ford Focus SE (2.0L DOHC 4-cyl, manual trans).

Slight drawback to epic-ness: monthly vehicle insurance goes up by $21 and I have a car payment for it for a little while.