The "Do you guys like me?" thread

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If there's gonna be an orgy, I DEMAND that the light stay on at all times. I don't want male idiots grabbing other innocent males "accidentally" cause it was "dark". :angry:

C'mon calaylay. Young, old, man, woman, it's all the same in the dark ;)
Oh hey guys, why does everyone have their pants off...

Are we going swimming or something..


We're going swimming... In my pants!

Or something. I dunno. Just stop ruining the moment with your words.

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I'm the hospitality head. Cocktail weenies, anyone? Donuts?
A poor choice of words for someone sitting out.


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Penises? Penii? Penes?

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I love how all late-night discussions inevitably turn into orgies. Best. Forum. Ever.
Late night? Dude, it's morning already.[/QUOTE]

It ain't morning until you wake up. If you're still up, then it's night.[/QUOTE]

Well, it's morning here. In the magic land of Finlandia.
She's assured me that mine has been the smallest so far. I'm holding onto that as an accomplishment.
I like you just fine. You've been around a long time and don't stir up trouble. The more you post, the more you'll feel like you're a part of the community.
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