[Movies] The DC Cinematic Universe - Mostly Grim Dark Crap (But It's Getting Better)

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Yeah, just watched the first episode and totally agree. There's some really good humour, but the swearing is 14 year old edge-lord level. The Calendar Man gag actually got me to giggle out loud.
I fucking love Calender Man. He's great.
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Rescued from the latest forum hiccup:
Frank said:
I have to say this about it, Kaley Cuoco is easily the best Harley Quinn since Arleen Sorkin. No offense to Tara Strong, but Kaley doesn't go horribly over the top with her Harley. The whole voice cast is really great and I'm especially stoked on bringing back Diedrich Bader as Batman, because I 100% love his Batman.
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Okay, let's talk about that WTF moment at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice.....

Gleek? They hear monkey noises, and the camera pans to an empty cage with banana peels, the cage is labled Star Labs Test Subject GLEEK. I can't even.