Transformers The Collecter’s Shopping Guide


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You want them, but TF figures are a little...notoriously difficult to find sometimes, particularly when dealing with special or limited releases. Outside of stores like Amazon, Target, or Walmart, where else can you get your hands on official or 3rd party Transformers? Hopefully, this little guide will help my fellow collectors track down the toys they covet.

Hasbro Pulse - Hasbro’s official store gets just about every official product, and carries some Takara-only releases such as the recently-released Seacons. These special releases have limited windows to preorder, but they ship quickly once they get in product. You might even get your package before the shipment notice. Don’t bother with the premium membership, though. It’s worthless.

Big Bad Toystore - One of my favorites, you can keep your purchases in a “stash” and combine items for shipping. They ship slower than some, but have a flat shipping rate of $4 available no matter the size of the order. They also sell pretty much every collectible in existence, so there’s more than just TFs.

TFSource - They specialize in all things Transformers, selling just transforming robots, save for a few other products. They also have a vintage department that buys old collections. I’ve gotten a few rare pieces that way. Word of warning - do not put your credit card info into their site. They’ve had multiple breaches over the years. PayPal is accepted there and is safe. I’ve also used prepaid cards without problems. Other than those security issues, they do have a solid operation and deliver quickly. You can also stack orders to ship them together.

Toy Dojo - Another favorite of mine, this is a smaller operation with fast shipping and excellent customer service. They don’t stack orders, but they ship faster than most.

Show Z Store - I’ve never used this one, but it’s got a good reputation in the collecting community. Orders ship from China where the products are cheaper - sometimes by quite a bit - but you’re waiting on international shipping.