Supervillainous Supervillainous Contest!

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I can understand if this is a spelling mistake. If it is a subtle hint as to which kind of submissions will be the most appreciated... I can understand that, too.
It's graft like in skin graft. The weapons are now literally part of his body. :Leyla:
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Oh great, now I've got the song for "The Clapper" in my head.

"Graft on! (graft graft) Graft off! (graft graft) Graft on graft off, The Grafter! (graft graft)"


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I have a friend who had his Christmas tree wired to a clapper. We had great fun with that.
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I'm going to be honest. I came up with this contest while I was really, really sick with the flu. not sure what I was expecting when I came up with it. Anyway, give it a try. I can reinterpret a stick figure drawing if need be. Just give it a go!
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Don't you mean "onto himself"? Wouldn't that be the correct expression?
English is an asshole language, and the usage used there is correct. Onto himself would also be correct, but using just 'to' is honestly probably the more common usage in everyday speech.
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I keep trying to think of something, but I just end up with something that looks like Overwatch's Roadhog or Asterix the Gaul's Obélix.