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one of my current things that are keeping me busy is actually drawing some comic strips about movies for some friend's site. We settled in a "pictures of notebooks and sketches" look... and it, somehow, brought me to drawing Vito Corleone doing the Truffle Shuffle.


I'm an artist, baby.
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February doodles- 1-2-12

Something I did while listening to some videos on the web. Pretty meh, but it's all I've doodled that I have at home. Today I did some small doodles at work that were much better but I haven't got them here :/


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(these where all attempts at doodling people I usually doodle without drawing their features the way I usually do them. That's probably why they are so static and expressionless.
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Well, it's a little exagerated, but check this picture of me taken just today: I'm not thin either!

EDIT: It's true that I'm also feeling fatter lately because I've been gaining back 10 of the 16 kilos I lost during the last year...
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Holy shit, how didn't I know about this thread?! It shows I've been away from Halforums for quite a long time.
I have to catch up:

-Come ON draw the strips Zappit wrote! The 'pilot' was awesome.
-I unsuccessfully looked for your secret tumblr for a while. Now you've inadvertedly revealed it to me! Mwahaha ha.. ha.
-My flatmate told me to ask for the original of that cars 2/ nyan cat strip ;)
-Did you sketch me twice here or are the two very similar faces different people? http://instagr.am/p/JPXl33qqGa/ (I meant to ask on facebook but got sidetracked).

That'll be all for now.
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I'm actually shocked at the amount of spanish that I recognize in these. I've never even taken spanish (I took 3 semesters of french, they somewhat similar).
It's always easier to make fun of yourself than it is to make fun of others. You don't want to step on anyone's toes or cross any lines you don't know exist.
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