*sighs, turns over "DAYS SINCE LAST MASS SHOOTING IN AMERICA" sign to 0*

Jaimee Michell is up there with LibsofTikTok as legit one of the most foul people to fucking walk the Earth, you insipid bitch how fucking dare you.


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"We're conservative republican and mormon - we don't do gay."

Oh, and he mumble spoke like he was methed out. He's a piece of shit who raised a piece of shit. His ex-wife, by the way, told good old dad last month that son had committed suicide. What a lovely family.
Kid shoots up gay bar, has previously admitted to being non-binary and had changed name so as not to be associated with…
Kid’s dad is ex-MMA fighter turned porn star, has gone on record as saying, “[Kid] isn’t gay though, right? Whew! Cuz we Mormons aren’t like that.”
Kid’s grandpa is California GOP MAGA-loving Assemblyman Randy Voepel, who compared Jan 6 with 1776, and who serves (until December) as the vice-chair of the Veterans Affairs, Aging & Long-Term Care, and Public Employment & Retirement committees and a member of the Insurance, Local Government, and Joint Legislative Audit committees.

This family, oh boy.