Secret Compliments

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Compliment another user, but keep the target a secret...

I once based a superhero character off of you, because you seem to be the perfect person to suddenly be given superpowers. Mostly, because I admire the morals you hold.
I admire your artistic courage and am looking forward to the possibility of meeting you later this summer (!!!).
All the hardships you've had to deal are undeserved. You're one of the best people I've never met and I hope someday, you'll be rewarded for being so amazing.


I'm glad that we can laugh at things together. I like having someone who thinks the same things are funny that I do.
You're a great poster and find you very agreeable. Sadly, you're not around as much as I'd like you to be. Alas, it's best that the better of us survive.


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Damn, you are one handsome man. I wish I had a smile like yours, I would use it to pick up ALL of the chicks.
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