[News] Russians Reported to have Doped at 2014 Olympics

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This is from the Times: Russian Insider Says State-Run Doping Fueled Olympic Gold

So.. interesting. The state itself intercepting samples and replacing them with "clean" ones. Not a surprise, but the fallout (hopefully not literally) could be fascinating. I hope the whistleblower doesn't end up dead.

There's a number of "reaction" articles too. Here's one from Canada. I'm sure there's many others from other countries.

This is kinda political, but it's about sports, so in the sports forum it goes!

Edit: and after posting I find I made a punctuation error in the thread title. Doh! But I found out that with the "thread tools" dropdown you can fix it! Yay!
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I'm sure this is surprising to all of... no one. We've known Russia to do this sort of stuff ever since Rocky IV
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I wonder how long until the Russians go "Oh yeah? Well... you guys had Lance Armstrong! So there!"
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The cloak and dagger aspects fascinate me. Secret rooms with holes in the wall, special government agents who can break into tamper evident bottles without leaving any evidence, etc, etc.
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Update: McLaren attacks IOC ‘spin’ on Russian doping report

From the article:
The report issued by McLaren on July 18 said Russia’s sports ministry was helped by the secret service to manipulate Russian samples at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and other major events in Russia.

The IOC decided against a blanket ban on Russia and IOC president Thomas Bach has said the report, while “serious,” contained “allegations” against the Russian government.

“I wouldn’t put anything in that report that I didn’t have evidence of and wouldn’t meet the criminal standard in any court around the world,” McLaren responded to the Guardian.
So... ya. I knew it was bad, but not to the degree.