Rise of Skywalker with Spoilers

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It seems like everyone with a major part in TROS has something against Disney over the movie except Daisy Ridley, so I wonder if she has something else coming up.
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Just saw it. It's definitely not the best SW movie, and there's lots of things to critique, but all in all, I enjoyed it and thought most storylines were closed with some semblance of coherence.
I'd definitely rank it above 1, 2 and probably 8. Some bits were obviously rewritten around Fisher's death, and some of the fan service was unnecessary and some characters...ugh. but overall, not the train wreck I was expecting given some of the comments and reviews I'd seen.
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Treverrow's story treatment leaked and while it probably would've still been kinda shitty, it sounds, I dunno, dozens of times better than RotS was.

It was titled Duel of the Fates, didn't have Palpatine alive in it, didn't have a sudden Kylo face turn for no reason, had Rose as a character that did things, etc.

It also had a 7000 year old dark side Lovecraftian monstrosity be Palpatine's teacher.