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So many skinny lines this evening. Is this a Chrome thing, an Imgur thing, or just use the damn "direct link" thing?
Imgur thing. You can't "direct link" animated gifs because imgur doesn't even technically use gif anymore, all their shit is MP4, which means using their embedded applet and calls to their database - and their database has always been their achilles heel, it's the first thing to go down when they get busy.
Folk seem excited about Kingdom Hearts 3. All I need to do to remind myself how fucking awful Kingdom Hearts is is to watch these two minutes of Kingdom Hearts 2.

Eh, I'm still crazy-excited anyway. I love Kingdom Hearts, even with its odd points. I'm just a little peeved because after waiting 15 YEARS (dammit, Square) I have to wait two extra to play the damn thing!

On the plus side, the reason I have to wait is because I'll be in the actual Magic Kingdom that day.:D
All I need to do to remind myself how fucking awful Kingdom Hearts is is to watch these two minutes of Kingdom Hearts 2.
I don't need to be remembered. I played this game a few years after it was released since I continually got harassed by folks "you have to play it!" and when I did, I just couldn't go beyond 4-5 hours. It was painful.

The good news is KH3 is finally out and gives me hope Bannerlord will one day be released. At this point, it's hard to keep faith but a shitlord of KH fans have been waiting for this game.
It fucking is. Kingdom Hearts is incoherent fucking bullshit.

I remember arguing way back when on this board with Gilgamesh about how fucking stupid the story of Kingdom Hearts is. It's God awful convoluted bullshit.

I liked the first Kingdom Hearts, God awful camera warts and all. Then it got Tetsuya Nomura'd into oblivion.
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And that's really the thing about all this. Yes, they give a better profit percentage to developers and a more visible place for their games, but the platform itself is incredibly limited by comparison in terms of features. Hell, it's more limited than even the "worst" PC platforms like uPlay and Origin.
Similar applies for consoles. To paraphrase Yahtzee, when a console used to be announced, it was basically:

"We have a new console!"
"What kind of games does it play?"
"These games!"
"Ooh, those do look fun!"

Now, you're lucky if a new console announcement even mentions games at all.


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In a world where Sovietwomble barely ever puts out videos anymore, we have to find off-brand imitations to tide us over.

I'm trying not to buy any/as many video games this year because holy fuck look at that backlog.

I swear people found out about this and are actively trying to get me to buy games just because and it's kinda frustrating the hell outta me but making me even less likely to out of spite.